Shining the Spotlight on 'My Heart Stopped Beating' by Chamed

Join Chamed, author of the survival memoir My Heart Stopped Beating as she virtually tours the blogosphere in July, August & September 2011 on her first tour with Pump Up Your Book!

About Chamed

Chamed is not the registry office name of the author, yet it is not a pseudonym. She lives in Tuscany, she works mostly abroad, as a painter on canvas and porcelain. Some of her porcelain works are displayed in exhibitions in Italy, Sweden and Poland, France, Portugal and Brazil. My Heart Stopped Beating is her first novel. A second novel by her is forthcoming.

About My Heart Stopped Beating

My Heart Stopped Beating

Fourteen year old Italian girl, Chamed, is a living miracle after fighting illness since birth to live a normal life. Now fourteen years old, she feels a thrill of freedom when she convinces her parents to let her stay home alone while they go on holiday. She soon regrets that decision when she receives a call from her aunt Patrizia that the worst has happened: her parents have died in a car accident.

Things only get worse for Chamed as she mourns the deaths of her parents and suffers under the care of her aunt and uncle. Her aunt repeatedly abuses her and convinces others that she is an evil child. When Chamed’s best friend’s father sexually harasses her, the blame is placed on Chamed. Deeply depressed, she attempts suicide, only to find herself waking up in a mental hospital. Her nightmare is only beginning as she is subjected to electroshock therapy against her will – and worse from the nurses and doctors.

Finally she finds hope again in Dr. Franco, but will he be enough to save her from this living nightmare?

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Read an Excerpt

“Why am I here? I am in a mental hospital! Dad, would you have thought it? Help me.”

I dragged my body out of that mortal icehouse.

With great effort I started walking, but my energies abandoned me and I ensconced myself on the ground.

Don’t remember where, but I was out, in the garden.

A man approached me, staring at me and crying. In his eyes I could see his soul shining.

He said: “You fell from the sky. And men have cut your wings!”

Weeping, I replied: “I’m afraid! Tell me why I’m here. How do I go?! Can you help me?”

“Angels are not afraid.” And he went away.

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My Heart Stopped Beating Tour Schedule

July – Month of Spotlights

Tuesday, July 5th
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Monday, July 11th
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Thursday, July 14th
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Friday, July 15th
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Monday, July 18th
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Tuesday, July 19th
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Wednesday, July 20th
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Thursday, July 21st
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Friday, July 22nd
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Monday, July 25th

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Tuesday, July 26th
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Wednesday, July 27th
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Thursday, July 28th

Friday, July 29th
Books, Products and More

August and September Coming Soon!

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Chamed’s MY HEART STOPPED BEATING ONLINE BOOK TOUR JULY, AUGUST & SEPTEMBER 2011 will officially begin July 5th and end September 30th. If you would like to host her on her tour, please contact Jaime at jmfictionscribe(at) Thank you for your support!

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