The Writer's Life Chats with Blanca Beyar - Author of Goddess Mother Speaks

Blanca, who is known by students as Lavanya, wears several hats in the Spiritual/Holistic Arena. She is a Doctor of Natural Health, a Spiritual Counselor, Shaman and Guru. Blanca has also authored five self-help books and produces her own television show, “Spiritual Teachings with Lavanya.” Her greatest passion is to fulfill her mission in helping humanity to unveil their wholeness and to discover bliss and happiness. To learn more about Blanca, you can visit her website at:

Q: Welcome to The Writer's Life, Blanca . Can you tell us how long you’ve been writing professionally and how your journey led to writing your latest book, Goddess Mother Speaks?

A: I have been writing professionally for about 11 years. I began my writing career by composing articles for a spiritual portal on the Internet called My next stop was and it was while writing for this portal that I began to get the inspiration to write my first book, “The Path that Leads the Way.”

My inspiration to write “Goddess Mother Speaks” came to me from the blissful attunement I have with the Omega aspect of the God Force. The book is a dictation I received from the Mother and it was a divine grace to serve as a vehicle for this book because it is filled with insight and love.

Q: I love your title…can you tell us why you chose it?

A: Thank you! I did not make too many decisions in the creation of this book. When I started to receive insight for the book, I was shown the title and immediately had a sense of knowingness that the Omega wanted to announce herself in the book’s title.

The dialogue presented in the book is a direct conversation that the Mother is having—or should I say, “speaking” to the readers, thus, the creation of the title, “Goddess Mother Speaks.”

Q: Why did you believe your book should be published?

A: Goddess Mother Speaks is already available in book and kindle format via I chose to self-publish because I recognized that the messages in the book are timely and need to reach the masses. I am, of course, very open to having a traditional book publisher pick up the book but in the meantime, I am going to do all that I can to make it available to audiences.

Q: Can you tell us the story behind your book cover? Did you choose it or did your publisher, ( have full control? Were you happy with the decision or did you have something else in mind?

A: Because is a self-publishing outfit, they give the author full range of publishing, including the selection of the book cover. They do offer book cover creation services but again, the book cover was completely inspired by the Mother Goddess.

I was inspired to ask a beloved student and incredible artist, Vivian Pisano, to create the book cover. I simply gave Vivian a very unique statue of a depiction of the Goddess in the representation of Quan Yen. I told Vivian that the Goddess desired to be portrayed very feminine and pure. Vivian did an incredible job…I absolutely love the book cover!

Q: How have you approached marketing your book? Do you have someone doing it for you or have you had to do most of the marketing yourself?

A: At the moment I am handling the book promotions on my own. I have relied on using the immense resources of the WWW to contact Internet portals that are geared to promote books. I was very attracted to the Virtual book tours and am running one this July. In addition to Internet promotions, I am offering a block of workshops to promote the book as well.

Q: What book on the market can it compare to? How is it different? What makes your book special?

A: Wow, this is a great question. With humbleness yet boldness, I will say that “Goddess Mother Speaks is similar to Neale Donald Walsh’s “Conversations with God.” Although I am not having a direct conversation with the Goddess, SHE is surely having a conversation with the readers!

I would say that the major difference in comparing the books is that Neale is having a conversation with the Male aspect of the God Force and the Female aspect of the God Force is having a conversation with the readers in “Goddess Mother Speaks.” I feel that what makes this book so special is that is filled with maternal love and inspiration like only a Mother can offer.

Q: Open to a random page in your book. Can you tell us what is happening?

A: I have opened to a chapter that discusses the importance of the Children of the Light. The Goddess speaks to us about the special uniqueness that many of the children in our world possess. She shares the many children are beacon of light, known as Indigos and Crystal Children. She highlights many of their attributes and asks us to help harness these beautiful children.

Q: Do you plan subsequent books?

A: Yes, as a matter of fact, there will be a volume 2 for “Goddess Mother Speaks” although I am not yet sure when I will begin to work on it. I am sure that I will write a few other books…writing is both a passion and a mission for me; it is like food…we all need to feed ourselves. Writing in very nourishing to me; it allows me to enter into a very special zone.

Q: Thank you for your interview, Blanca. Would you like to tell my readers where they can find you on the web and how everyone can buy your book?

A: With pleasure. Readers can learn more about me by visiting my website at: or by contacting me at “Goddess Mother Speaks” is available on or on my website.

Thank you very much for this very enjoyable interview.
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