Is Advertising Your Page on Facebook a Waste of Money?

I have never paid for an ad anywhere - not for me and not for my business - and I can honestly say that all my "likes" at both Twitter and Facebook are genuine which means these people who liked me actually liked me.  Sure you can pay for likes.  Didn't know that?  Yep.  How do you think that all those businesses out there are getting over 10k likes while you're struggling to get over 1k?

I had someone tell me last week that having over 6k likes on my Pump Up Your Book page wasn't all that impressive judging by some businesses who have 100k and more.  I said, "Sure, but are they genuine likes?"

Genuine likes are when you get likes without paying for them.  Haven't you seen the button on Facebook that says "Promote Your Page"?  Isn't it tempting?  You say to yourself, "Who is to know?  I want over 100k likes like those other businesses!"

But there are repercussions in doing this.  Watch this video which explains more:

If the video doesn't work, click here ---->

I remember my mama telling me something years ago that I have never forgotten.  "You never get something for nothing" and "If it looks like too good to be true, run far far away."

Dorothy Thompson writes fiction and nonfiction for adults. She's co-author of Romancing the Soul, a compilation of true soul mate stories and the soon to be released, Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost available spring '14. Her articles have appeared in such publications as USA Today, Chicago Times, and has been quoted in Ok! Magazine.

Dorothy is also founder of Pump Up Your Book, an award-winning public relations agency specializing in online book promotion and social marketing for authors. Visit her at

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