The Writing Life with Romantic Suspense Author Anna del Mar

Amazon Bestselling author Anna del Mar writes hot, smart romances that soothe the soul, challenge the mind, and satisfy the heart. Her stories focus on strong heroines struggling to find their place in the world and the brave, sexy, kickass heroes who defy their limits to protect the women they love. A Georgetown University graduate, Anna enjoys traveling, hiking, skiing, and the sea. Writing is her addiction, her drug of choice, and what she wants to do all the time. The extraordinary men and women she met during her years as a Navy wife inspire the fabulous heroes and heroines at the center of her stories. When she stays put—which doesn’t happen very often—she splits her time between Colorado and Florida, where she lives with her indulgent husband and a very opinionated cat.
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What got you into writing?

Reading got me into writing. I’ve been a voracious reader all my life. I loved making up my own stories as well. I just didn’t know that the stories I was spinning in my head were full-fledged novels. They were pounding to get down on paper. Once I put them down, the dam burst. There was no stopping the flow.

What do you like best about being an author?

Writing. I’m addicted to the process itself.  I’m in heaven when I’m flowing. I love being “in the zone.” When I’m putting down a new story, I blink and hours have flown by. I also love interacting with readers. I’ve met so many interesting, remarkable people through my stories!

When do you hate it?

When I don’t get to write. There are times when the business of writing gets in the way of the writing itself. At those times, ask my hubby: I’m not a happy camper.

What is a regular writing day like for you?

I get up in the morning and I’m usually a little hungover from writing late the night before. I grab a cup of coffee, or two, or three, and then I quickly check the basics, email, social media, etc. If there are no emergencies and the world is turning on its right axis, I start by reviewing what I wrote the night before. Then I go forward, usually cranky when I have to interrupt my writing from time to time to talk to other human beings, eat, and feed the cat. After dinner, it’s usually back to writing, until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. Then repeat.

Do you think authors have big egos?

I imagine some authors do, although I don’t know many writers who go around singing the I’m just a big ego song. The business of writing has a sure of way of keeping authors humble. By and large, the authors I know are kind to each other and crazy about their readers.

How do you handle negative reviews?

I put up my chin and let my gut churn for a while. Then I move on.

How do you handle positive reviews?

I embrace them, draw positive energy and inspiration from them, give thanks for the readers who wrote and posted them, and celebrate with a mental high five. Then I move on.

What is the usual response when you tell a new acquaintance that you’re an author?

Really? Are you famous?

What do you do on those days you don’t feel like writing? Do you force it or take a break?

It’s rare for me not to feel like writing. In fact, I can’t remember a day when I woke up and said, “I don’t want to write today.” It’s more like the opposite. I’m really bummed on those days I don’t get to write. I think I have an ingrained sense of urgency. I have all these stories outlined, novels I want to write. Time is of the essence.

What would you do if people around you didn’t take your writing seriously or see it as a hobby?

I’d totally ignore them.

Some authors seem to have a love-hate relationship to writing. Can you relate?

Nope. I love writing.   

What’s on the horizon for you?  

I’m working on a brand new series right now. I’m super-excited about it, but I want to wait and see what happens next before the big reveal. And I have several novels in progress. My plan is to hunker down for the reminder of the year and give my readers something new and exciting at the beginning of next year.

Leave us with some words of wisdom about the writing process or about being a writer.

I’ll give you my usual, because it continues to be one the fundamental truths of my professional life: Writing is an act of love.

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