Virtual Book Tour: 10 Things People Don't Know About Women's Fiction Author Therese Fowler

We have a special guest today! Therese Fowler is the author of the women's fiction novel, Reunion, but wouldn't you like to know something about Therese that no one else knows? How about TEN things you never knew about women's fiction author Therese Fowler? And, on top of that, we've got a great interview coming tomorrow and just so you know, Therese is available to answer questions today and tomorrow, so if you would like to ask her anything about her book, the publishing industry, what's it like being published with Ballantine Books, anything!, now's your chance!

And now, it is my pleasure to bring you Therese Fowler, author of Reunion!

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Therese Fowler

1. As a girl, she dreamed of becoming an actress or model or singer. Fate had other ideas.
2. She is among the first girls ever to play Little League baseball.
3. In high school, she was a percussionist, and the first female to march on the school's snare drum line.
4. She nearly drowned three times, in different places and at different ages, before overcoming a well-earned fear of water and finally learning to swim.
5. She once enlisted in the USAF in hopes of being an Air Traffic Controller--but couldn't pass the vision test due to lousy depth perception.
6. At age 33, she graduated from North Carolina State University with a 4.0 GPA, Summa Cum Laude--but missed being designated Valedictorian due to being a single credit shy of the number required to have been earned there in order to qualify for valedictorian status. She learned this after the fact, of course.
7. She and her husband of ten years were single-parent neighbors when they met. He liked the way she took out her recyclables (and walked past his apartment's patio in the process). Recycling remains a strong element in their life together.
8. She was the only female born into her family over a nearly fifty-year span.
9. As a kid, she attended Baptist vacation Bible School, Presbyterian Sunday School, and was in a Jewish youth group (though not all at once). She now considers herself a Spiritual Agnostic.
10. She's willing to give reincarnation a try.

About the Book:

Following the acclaimed success of Souvenir, Therese Fowler’s captivating new novel will resonate with every woman who has wondered what if—as a heartfelt drama of buried secrets and daring passion unfolds.

Celebrity talk show host Blue Reynolds is the queen of daytime television—she is smart, funny, and as down-to-earth as her adoring fans. In the eyes of the world, she has it all. But no one knows about the secret she has harbored for the last twenty years—a secret that could destroy her image, her reputation, and her career. Twenty years ago, she gave birth to a son and put him up for adoption through illegal channels. And every day since, she’s been filled with regret. Now Blue has hired a private investigator to find her son, knowing full well the consequences.

A week in Key West to do her show on location brings Blue a much-needed change of pace—and an unexpected reunion with an old flame, Mitch Forrester. Helping him launch a television series may help her recapture the kind of genuine romance and affection long missing from her life. But it also means having to deal with Mitch’s disapproving son, Julian, who is only nine years younger than Blue. Emotionally battered from his years as a war photographer in the world’s most dangerous hotspots, Julian struggles to get close to his father while making his disdain for Blue crystal clear—which makes his desire for her all the more shocking.

As serendipity and scandal collide, Therese Fowler’s passionate, illuminating novel takes a dramatic turn deep into our own hearts, as the healing power of love—family love, romantic love, and self-love—transforms pain and regrets into promises and second chances.

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