Author Video: Fluffy, the invisible dog, of 'Lila: The Sign of the Elven Queen' by Mark J. Grant

Helloooooo everyone and happy hump day!  We've got a really cool video to show you.  Mark  J. Grant, author of the children's book, Lila: The Sign of the Elven Queen, has made lots and lots of videos for the promotion of his book and we're hosting him today on his blog tour for that with a really cool video (can't say this enough, lol) starring Fluffy, the invisible dog!

About the Book:
Lila is a polite six-year-old girl who lives with her mama and papa in New York City. She has two cats, and would now like to have a dog–except dogs are not allowed in her apartment building. After thinking about it for awhile, Lila asks her parents if she can have an invisible dog. Her parents agree, and together they decide to name the dog Fluffy. On their way to the pet store to buy invisible supplies for the invisible dog, a black and white Aussie appears from around the corner and introduces himself to Lila, saying, “My name is Fluffy.”
In a series of fun adventures that follow, Fluffy introduces Lila and her family to the invisible people of Iceland, who live inside the boulders of Central Park and the cornerstones of New York City buildings. One day, the invisible people discover that the birthmark on Lila’s left forearm is the sign of their Elven Queen, and just as she turns seven, Lila is made a princess. Can anything be better than that?

About the Author:
 Mark J. Grant, a graduate of Occidental College, has been on Wall Street for thirty-seven years in various senior management positions. He has run capital markets for four investment banks and been on the boards of directors of four investment banks. Grant also writes "Out of the Box," a commentary on the financial markets that is distributed daily to approximately 5,000 large money management institutions in forty-eight countries. He is the author of Out of the Box and onto Wall Street: Unorthodox Insights on Investments and the Economy (Wiley, 2011). LILA: THE SIGN OF THE ELVEN QUEEN is his first novel.

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Purchase your copy of Lila: The Sign of the Elven Queen at AMAZON

Perfect for that child in your life for Christmas!

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