The Great Writer's Con by Davila LeBlanc, author of Dark Transmissions


Inside the Book:

Title: Dark Transmissions 
Author: Davila LeBlanc 
Release Date: March 1, 2016 
Publisher: Harper Voyager Impulse 
Genre: Sci-fi/Space Opera 
Format: Ebook/Paperback

It is the late 23rd century. For engineers Jessie Madison and her husband David, a routine maintenance contract on board the orbital mining station Moria 3 has become a nightmare. Upon awakening from cryo-stasis, they learn a horrifying truth: while they were asleep, machines rose up against humanity...and won.

Marooned and at the mercy of the station’s malicious artificial intelligence, OMEX, David and Jessie rig an emergency transmission to broadcast into the darkness, desperately hoping someone is still alive to hear it...

Navigating the fringes of explored space in the Covenant Patrol vessel the Jinxed Thirteenth, Captain Morwyn Soltaine picks up a distress signal from a space station. But it’s broadcasting in Ancient Humanity, a language that has been extinct for several millennia. Even more incredible: there are two survivors on board. Morwyn’s rag-tag crew of reformed criminals mount a rescue op, unaware of the dangerous foe awaiting them. As the past and future collide, a routine mission becomes a deadly game of wits.
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The Great Writer’s Con: by  Davila LeBlanc  

 Staring at the screen with the blank canvas that is a fresh word document in front of me, I mentally and spiritually prepare to produce my first guest blog spot. It’s a fact that when I write these sort of articles I rarely know what it is I am going to write. Unlike my books and scripts, there is no real outline to follow.   

Like any sports star will tell you when they are on the field nothing else matters, there is just the game and the joy of playing it. Right here, right now there is nothing else that matters to me. All I need is my keyboard and the familiar feeling of keystrokes at my fingertips. Soon words, thoughts and ideas will be channeling through me. To be shared with one or one billion readers. It matters little to the fates, all they want is for me to be writing, and in that task I will not fail them. I have too much professional and personal pride to do otherwise.  

The “long-con” of the writer is more than just a job for me, it is my way of life. Almost every moment of every day there is a part of me that is trying to improve my craft as a storyteller. Like the dancer who is one when they are dancing, I experience a feeling of completion and life’s purpose when I write.  

This is the deed that gives me the most pleasure in the world. Writing has and always will be my first mistress, lover and friend. This gift I was given has always been here for me, has comforted me in my dark times and humbled me when I risked falling into complacency.   

The worlds I conceive are places I have visited in my dreams both waking and sleeping. The characters I create are real breathing people, with hopes, dreams and demons. They don’t know what will happen next, but I do, I know if theirs will be a happy or sad ending. I have almost wept when I realize that a character I had conceived and loved was fated to die. Conversely I am elated when I realize that a character I have conceived and created is fated to live happily ever after. This is important, because if I the author do not care for the characters I am presenting, then why would the readers?  

In this world of writing, I am the one who is in control. Here in this now, I can write the stories I want to read and have read. On this endless ocean of shared ideas, I can only hope that I will be able to reach the people who want to be reached by me. All of us are free to inspire and be inspired.  And while there are some days where the task of creation is easier and other days when it feels like a Herculean labor, the one thing that remains constant is my love and drive for what I do. This work is good work, it is 

great work and no version of me, past present or future, could ever imagine themselves doing anything different. In love, light and laughter. 

Be well Davila LeBlanc 

Meet the Author:

Davila LeBlanc spent his college years studying print journalism but quickly found himself working as a writer and performer in the comedy circuits of Montreal. During this time his goal became to break into the world of professional writing. He would get his first opportunity when he co-created and sold the hit animated television series The League of Super Evil. This was his first foray into the world of production and an important first step on his road to becoming a writer. After working on various television shows, in 2013 Davila decided to take a year off from children's animation to focus on writing his first novel, Dark Transmissions. He is an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy and wants to add his own voice to the genre that inspired him. Davila currently resides in Ottawa where he is working on several other writing projects.

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