Interview with Will Slatyer, author of Life/Death Rhythms of Capitalist Regimes - Debt Before Dishonour

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Title: Life/Death Rhythms of Capitalist Regimes - Debt Before Dishonour 
Author: Will Slatyer 
Publisher: Partridge Publishing 
Genre: Business and Economics 
Format: Ebook/Paperback

Life/Death Rhythms of Capitalist Regimes – Debt before Dishonour explores the cyclical theory of cultural development, with particular attention paid to the introduction of democratic forms of government in the British Empire and the United States republic. The cyclical theory allows a forecast of the fading of the dominance of the United States as an imperial power. Similar to cultural survival of the loss of dominance experienced by the British Empire after the Great War, the United States will survive in a new form. Which superpower will take over the reins remains to be seen, but the likely contender is the People’s Republic of China. This conclusion and the timing will allow long-term planning by corporations and governments. In the age of political correctness, it is unlikely that readers will experience any such forecasts by government bodies. Throughout history, societies have used and abused debt, revolted and warred over debt, and have forbidden usury. But the modern financial world as we know it simply cannot exist without usury. Since the 1400s, modern governments have found new ways to expand debt to produce modern economies, which are still subject to the age-old basic principle of debt – that it needs to be repaid or dire consequences ensue.

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Can you please tell us about your book and why you wrote it? 

The book is an outline of dominant world cultures since 1400 which demonstrates that the rise and fall of each culture or society is cyclical. Once the cycle is recognized then the future of the current dominant culture can be forecast. My forecast is that the USA will lose dominance to China 2020-2028. There is a connection between climate change and the rise and fall of dominant cultures that suggests future hot/dry weather will cause psychological upheaval in the 2030s. 

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced writing it? 

Most history is about the details of historical figures. I could not find books which dealt with the big picture of many dominant cultures. 

Do you plan subsequent books? 

At my age I doubt that another large book is in my future. 

When and why did you begin writing? 

I commenced writing when as a commodities futures broker, I needed books to educate my clients. 

What is your greatest strength as an author? 

I enjoy research 

Did writing this book teach you anything? 

Patience over decades of research

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