Guest post: "Marketing Joe Peas," by Sam Newsome

Joe Peas is newly published.  Since I’ve gone the self-published route, marketing is on me.  So, what’s the plan?

         Marketing is hardly my strong point.  I deal in hypertension and diabetes as a family doctor.  I can tell you how to get your blood pressure down, but marketing a book?  I don’t know.

         First, It’s got to be available.  I’ve gone to local outlets.  In my case it’s drug stores.  Local drug stores know me well and take the books and will do some free publicity.  These pharmacies sell novelties as well as pharmaceuticals so it’s not too far out of line.  I’ve also gone to the local arts counsel and art gallery-frame shop that have been happy to make books available.  And, of course, I have a stack always available at my office.  You’d think that bookstores would be a natural marketing outlet, but it’s not simple.  Large stores show no interest.  Legwork to get into local bookstores is a challenge.  As a beginner, I still need to improve this.

         Second, book fairs are a venue.  Look for me at the Bookmarks Book fair in Winston-Salem on September 10.

         Other possibilities are book signings and book clubs.  I did some with Jackie, and I’m looking to do more with Joe Peas.

         With my first book I was briefly exposed to a publicist who gave Jackie some extra traction.  With Joe Peas I’m looking for a more concentrated exposure.  This could only be positive.

Hand-in-hand with that is social networking.  I know very little about blogging, but I’m getting an exposure.   My long ignored face book account will also get some Joe Peas updates.  And with some admitted assistance I’ve begun a website.  I can be found at  On the site there is information and links to buy both Jackie and Joe Peas.  I will also use the site for some other writing (short stories and essays as well as some medical articles)

I’ve given a few copies to local libraries.  This may not produce immediate sells, but if I can get more people to read the book at any or no cost that’s a plus.

And, finally I enter contests.  Recognition of placing in a contest is valuable in the crowded self-published world.

So, in summary, for me marketing is more of a challenge than the writing.  I’m always open to suggestions.


 Sam Newsome was raised on a farm in rural King, North Carolina. During his childhood on the farm, he learned to appreciate nature and family. He developed the work ethic that continues to benefit him.
He received a bachelor of arts in American history with pre­medical courses from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1971. He received his Medical degree from Bowman Gray School of Medicine (now Wake Forest University Medical School) in 1975. He completed his family practice residency and board certification in 1978 and geriatrics certification in 1992. The patience and perseverance learned from his parents during his youth on the farm were valuable contributions to Dr. Newsome’s educational success.
In 1978 Dr. Newsome returned to his hometown to establish his medical practice and fill gaps in the medical care. During the last thirty­eight years of medical practice, he has staffed the local hospital, Stokes County Health Department, Jail health services, and the local nursing homes. He has served as a county medical examiner since 1978.
He married his childhood sweetheart, Betty Jo, in 1971 and they have resided in King since 1978. They have two children. Carlton lives in Raleigh and shares a love of words, while Justin, an engineer at B/E Aerospace, resides in Winston­Salem.
His first novel, Jackie, explores the miraculous life of a disadvantaged youth with autism spectrum who is destined for heroism.
His new novel explores Joe Peas’ and his local doctor’s similar quests to remain individuals in a world that increasingly rewards conformity. It celebrates family, friendship, faith and healing. It also gives Dr. Newsome an opportunity to entertain and educate his readers about long term care and good health habits. 

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