10 Things Most People Don't Know About Children's Book Author T. Katz

Yesterday we had a wonderful interview with T. Katz, author of the children's chapter book, Miss L'eau. Today, T. is back with a great guest post telling us ten things people don't know about her. Enjoy!

10 Things Most People Don't Know About Children's Book Author T. Katz

1. T. Katz writes because it is the most socially acceptable form of talking to one's self. People don't look at you and wonder why all those colorful, totally made-up stories are coming out of your mouth and you never have to worry about the cat walking away mid-sentence.
2. T. Katz wished she could have had an adventure at the base of a lighthouse like the kids in her children's chapter book, Miss L'eau, and always wanted to buy one to turn into an apartment with a fire pole running from top to bottom right in the center.
3. When T. Katz was a child, someone told her that the President of the United States liked to eat his cottage cheese with ketchup and so she has done so ever since. Whether or not she liked it was irrelevant.
4. T. Katz can whistle probably louder than anyone on the planet and hopes the Book of World Records will call her to prove it.
5. T. Katz wonders why nobody has ever made a needlepoint pillow with a big N'T and the international symbol for no over it, because she knows her music students would accomplish so much more if they eliminated words like can't, don't, won't and didn't from their vocabulary. In fact, T. Katz thinks we could all do more if those words were used only when absolutely necessary.
6. T. Katz has not only planned the invitation list for her Fantasy Dinner Party (including guests like Mark Twain, Betty Smith, Diablo Cody, A.J. Jacobs and others) she has actually formulated and prepared the breakfast, lunch and/or dinner menu in the event the doorbell actually rings one day.
7. T. Katz is a pencil person living in a pen world and wonders why the #2 pencil gets all the love, when the softer pencils are clearly far superior.
8. T. Katz is a walking, talking typo and as a result has just gone by the initial T. for decades. Her husband says if she behaves, she might get more letters later.
9. T. Katz plays piano and finds that when she spends hours at that keyboard it takes her brain nearly ten minutes to switch over to the other keyboardand visa versa.
10. T. Katz drives a car with a license plate that says SNARKEE and occasionally, under the right circumstances, she is.

T. Katz, a resident of Southern California has been involved in the children's entertainment industry since the early 80's working on hundreds of episodes of animated television and as a music instructor to hundreds of very animated children. She is also the honorary conductor of a four-part harmony household, consisting of her two children (three if you count the spouse on a bad day) and Alice the cat. The people that surround her help her to continue seeing the world with all its magic, beauty and potential. She lives by the motto "a good book, a cup of tea and somehow all is right with the world." Her adventures in life are adding welcome lines of character to her face and scattered optimistic silver linings all over her head. You can visit her website at www.tkatz.com.

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