10 Things People Don't Know About David Liss

Yesterday we had a great interview with David Liss, author of The Devil's Company. David is back and is going to divulge 10 little known things about him that no one knows about!

10 Things People Don't Know About David Liss
by David Liss

1. I used to be allergic to raw vegetables, but now I am not.
2. I find reading about financial history just as boring as you do -- but at least there is something in it for me so I keep doing it.
3. I love swimming in fresh water, but I hate going to the beach. I find the feeling of sand under my feet disgusting.
4. The first novel I attempted to write, just after I graduated from college, had the biologically sound, if somewhat clunky title, Jesus Was A Mammal.
5. I am something of a wine nut, preferring French and Italian wines. And reds only -- life is too short for white wine.
6. I have very strong opinions about all ten incarnations of Doctor Who.
7. I used to work in advertising. Also,I once came very close to going to law school, only deciding not to go after I was accepted by several schools.
8. I almost never write at home anymore. I take my laptop to a coffee shop five days a week and do my writing there.
9. I have been a Mets fan my whole life. The last fist fight I was in was in 1986 when, after game six of the world series, I saw a Red Sox fan and made the mistake of saying, "Good game." He responded by hitting me in the head.
10. When I was in high school I watched the movie Excalibur so many times that, to this day, I can recite almost all of the dialogue from memory.

David Liss is the author six novels, most recently The Devil’s Company. He has five previous bestselling novel: A Conspiracy of Paper, winner of the 2000 Edgar Award for Best First Novel, The Coffee Trader, A Spectacle of Corruption, The Ethical Assassin and The Whiskey Rebels. In 2008, at the United Nations Convention against Corruption in Bali, Indonesia, he was named an Artist for Integrity by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. No one is really sure why he should receive this honor or what it means, but it very possibly makes him the Bono of historical fiction. David Liss' novels have been translated into more than two dozen languages. He lives in San Antonio with his wife and children, and can be reached via his web page: davidliss.com, which features his endlessly fascinating and edifying blog. You can also contact David Liss on Facebook.

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