10 Things People Don't Know About Young Adult Fantasy Autthor Marcus Dino

Marcus Dino has had an interesting professional career, first as an Aerospace engineer, next as a passionate math teacher teaching in urban Los Angeles which he currently still does, and finally, as a part time literary fiction author. It is Mr Dino’s being a die hard movie buff that led him to writing Diary of a Mad Gen Yer in addition to his first novel, Fifi, Anything goes in the Double Os, first published in 2003. Mr Dino is a graduate of Chapman University and he also has Masters Degrees in both Education and Electrical Engineering. Diary of a Mad Gen Yer and Fifi can be found at www.smashwords.com and www.summertimeproductions.net. Mr Dino’s personal website which includes numerous blogs, short stories, and poems involving his central character Fifi Larouche, which helped inspire him to write his anthology, Diary of a Mad Gen Yer, can be found at www.authorsden.com/marcusdino.

And now, here are 10 things you might not know about young adult fantasy author Marcus Dino...

10 Things People Don't Know About Young Adult Fantasy Author Marcus Dino

1) His favorite television show was Star Trek (the 1960s original), this where he got ideas for characters such as Alocki and Helos in Diary of a Mad Gen Yer.
2) He grew up a 'military brat' and lived on or near military bases in Hawaii, California, and Florida.
3) He believes in the afterlife and attended a one week spiritual retreat that focused on 'astral traveling.' He never learned how to astral travel however but some people in the group said they did. This inspired him to write 'Dinosaurs that play the Harp' in Diary of a Mad Gen Yer.
4) He was the president of his high school science club
5) He was rejected from a Marine Corps Officer program back in college because of his eyesight
6) He was active with the Civil Air Patrol back in high school.
7) He worked as an aerospace engineer in San Diego a few years back and lived in a nice beach side condo which had gorgeous ocean views.
8) He's done extensive traveling to places like Hawaii, Japan, the Ukraine, Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, plus practically to every state in the 'lower 48.' He loves traveling almost as much as he enjoys writing.
9) He loves Italian food but doesn't care much for liver or cauliflower.
10) His first published work was his thesis for his Masters Degree in Engineering called Reliability, Analysis, and Evaluation of fixed film capacitors.

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