Book Excerpt: The Peruke Maker: The Salem Witch Hunt Curse by Ruby Dominguez


The wig advertisement on a website cuaght my attention, and it read: “Wigs made from 100% hand tied human hair, grown, and harvested from reliable and youthful donors.”

An eerie sense crawls up my spine. But I ordered one anyway, and it came in a beautiful golden box, to my delight. Excitedly, I positioned the wig on my head and applied red lipstick on, while Mudd my pet dachshund curiously spies from under the bed. Appreciating my reflection in the mirror, I somehow lost track of time, have fallen into a deep slumber and dreamed…

The pale moon peeks at the seams of dark foreboding clouds. My long red hair flowing in the wind. Clad in a bloodstained sheer white lingerie, running barefoot after Mudd across the field. Mudd is running farther away, streaked with blood stains.

I ended before a big arch wooden door and knocked frantically, calling out for my father’s help. The door opens and I find Mudd next to him. Breathlessly I asked, “Father, what’s wrong with Mudd?” Mystifyingly I hear his mind speak, “It’s not blood, it’s ink.”

Excerpt from The Peruke Maker: The Salem Witch Hunt Curse by Ruby Dominguez. Visit the author on the web at Pick up a copy of her screenplay/book at Amazon by clicking here!

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