Embracing Your Freedom’s Susie Larson is still marching to her own personal freedom

About two years ago, Susie Larson had an idea for a book that directly connects our personal freedom to the freedoms of authors. As an author and speaker, she travels around the country speaking at women’s conferences and retreats. In her travels, she has found that though American women are literally free, most are not totally free. In fact, Susie feels she is still marching towards her own personal freedom as a lot of women and authors are doing themselves.

Susie says freedom is something for which we must contend and that all of us have been beaten up and bruised by life. “We’ve all had experiences that have affected us in a negative way,” she tells us, “and most times, without realizing it, we allow those painful experiences to stunt our growth, confirm our fears, and minimize the impact we could make in this world. We tend to make rules around our insecurities. We make excuses for why we don’t venture out into the unknown places God has for us. But to truly be free is to believe that Jesus can redeem every shred of our painful pasts. If we really want to be free, we have to walk by His side and face the lies we picked up when life let us down. As we experience new freedom and courage, we will grow in our conviction to see others know this same liberty. Most often, our world-changing call is directly connected to one of our painful life experiences.”

Embracing Your Freedom, Susie's latest book, calls women to tenacious courage and gritty faith that we might live free and content for the freedoms of others.

On another note, we asked her how she was promoting her new book so that it will help other authors learn through experience. She says, “Writing a book is a significant endeavor, but some books simply take more out of us than other books do. Embracing Your Freedom was one such project for me. Though each of my books involved certain challenges, none of them stretched me, drained me, or cost me as much as this one did. But that’s okay. The opposition I faced while writing this book only confirmed to me the importance of its message.

“Since the release of the book, I’ve done a number of radio interviews, speaking engagements, blog interviews, and book giveaways. I will travel to ICRS this summer for a book signing and more media interviews. I’ve highlighted the book in my weekly devotional blog and my quarterly E-zine. Friends have promoted the book on Twitter and I recently joined the rest of the Tweeters out there!

“In about a month, my next book Growing Grateful Kids hits the bookstores. This book releases right when my busy spring speaking schedule kicks in. Already, there is a lot of buzz around this book and we are excited about it! Our efforts to market this book will include speaking engagements, radio interviews, blog interviews, online promotion, and book giveaways. We will do a number of book signings and will most likely plan a book release party to celebrate the release of Growing Grateful Kids.

“Marketing books is like raising children. Certain principles apply across the board, and yet each one is so different, so unique, it requires special attention and special direction to ensure the best possible outcome.”

If you would like to find out more about Susie Larson and her new book Embracing Your Freedom, visit her website at www.susielarson.com. Susie will be on virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book in January and February 2010. If you would like to visit her official tour page, click here!

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