Recipe for Writing a Great Romantic Suspense Novel

We have a special guest today. Kerri Nelson, author of of the romantic suspense novel, Cross Check My Heart (Eternal Press), is here to talk about writing a great romantic suspense novel. Visit Kerri at


Writing a Great Romantic Suspense Novel

By Kerri Nelson

When I’m not writing romantic suspense (or reading it), you’ll find me baking delicious sweet treats for my hubby, three kids, other family members, neighbors, or just about anyone who wants them. When it comes to baked goods…my specialties are peach cobbler and bread pudding. But when it comes to writing, my specialty is romantic suspense. So, in order to tell you how to write a great romantic suspense…I’ll give it to you in recipe form.

Here goes….

My Recipe for Writing the Great Romantic Suspense

Ingredients (these basic ingredients are required—may substitute or double as needed):

1 Damsel in Distress

1 Hauntingly Handsome Hero

1 Vicious Villain

1 History of Mystery

1 or 2 Major Obstacles

1 Sexual Scenario

1 Black Moment

1 Turning Point

1 Rejoice Worthy Revelation

1 Happy Ending


Take 1 Damsel in Distress with a history of mystery and mix slowly with 1 Hauntingly Handsome Hero. Add 1 Vicious Villain (measure carefully to avoid bitter taste). Toss in 1 or 2 Major Obstacles that will leave you hungry for more!

Sneak in at least 1 Sexual Scenario to spice things up a bit (repeat as needed). Use caution when adding your Black Moment, as it may ruin your dish if not served up properly. Sift in 1 major Turning Point and then top with a generous portion of Rejoice Worthy Revelation. Enjoy your Happy Ending.

Bake 3 to 6 months.


1 Highly Entertaining Romantic Suspense Novel which feeds your reader’s soul, teases their imagination, leaves them begging for another taste and brings you many sales and awards!

I’ve written romantic suspense in every sub-genre imaginable. In everything from paranormal to inspirational, I’ve found that this recipe works every time. Any way you slice it, remember that the success of your story will depend on intriguing characters and a solid, fresh concept filled plot.

See you at the bookstore or in the kitchen!

© Kerri Nelson 2010

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  1. Love the recipe! Hope you have had a great time on your tour so far!

  2. I don't have any plan this coming weekend. But after seeing this post. I got so curious in that recipe. I wonder how it is going to be. I will try it this weekend.


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