Interview with Bo Briar, author of "Morgan Hall"


Bo Briar (2)Bo Briar nursed a love of art, music and architecture from childhood as well as all things ghostly. Her years at a British boarding school secluded in an ancient English county of majestic stately homes, historical towns and quaint medieval villages, nestled among mysterious forests and chocolate-box landscapes formed many of her lifelong impressions, beliefs and ideas.
Although having a natural affinity for the countryside Bo lived most of her life between the big cities of London and Hong Kong. Though widely travelled, she will always return to the two cities she calls home.
Her love for writing began at university where she would often diverge from composing dissertations to creating spooky stories. After taking a sabbatical from work in the hope of quality time with her two young children, she has also managed to complete and publish her first novel Morgan Hall. She is currently writing the sequel.
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1.      How have you been able to use social media (Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, etc.) to help market your book?
Yes, my book publicist does it for me all the time and so do my network of friends and connections.

2.      Do you have any advice for new authors looking to promote themselves on these sites?
Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and build up your strategy from there. You need to be able to see yourself from the other side too.

3.      What type of writing routine do you have? Any tips you can share about it?
I try to sit down and write as much as I can. I tend to write from bouts of inspiration. It just suddenly comes to me. I know the ending first, then the beginning and then everything in between falls into place.

4.      How has it been trying to balance your writing with your day job and/or family life?  Is there anything you would change?
I am a single parent of two young children, run a household and I also work as a writer and editor. To balance all that with writing novels isn’t easy, but I have everyone I love with me and doing what I love doing. So I’m happy and wouldn’t change anything.

5.      Setting is an extremely important aspect in grabbing your readers’ attention.  What made you choose to set your book in England?
There is no better place to set Morgan Hall.

6.      What types of books do you read?  How do you think they have influenced your writing?
I read a lot of spooky fiction and I also love reading biographies of fascinating and powerful historical women. The books I read show me that everything is possible and that you never have to limit yourself or your creative imagination.


MORGAN HALL - NEW COVER (2)Love never dies, and revenge never sleeps in Morgan Hall…
Morgan Hall, a desolate country estate, has been in Lady Christie Morgan’s family for almost 400 years. A family cursed by eternal tragedy, and now Christie is the last Morgan.
Apparitions appear, sparking a chain of horrifying occurrences involving Christie and the two men who love her: Anthony Longfield-Lothian and Tristan Ely.
A saga of mystery and sordid family history weaves intrigue for the passionate love triangle. Past and present war as the secrets of three aristocratic families unfold – resurfacing in a spine-chilling mystery of passion and lust, ghostly happenings, and blood-curdling murders.
Emotions run high as their world spins wildly out of control. Are they all cursed to repeat the grizzly past? Does sweet revenge claim its prize?
Morgan Hall.


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