Storybook your book at Pinterest

It took me awhile to accept Pinterest.  What are they thinking coming up with ANOTHER social network and this time it's for images???

But once I got the hang of things, images were flying into my boards.  I even found out I could set up a board for announcing new books for review, authors on tour and other Pump Up Your Book related material.  So alongside pictures of driftwood (my latest fetish), there are book covers of all my authors and I've even got a board called "The Writer's Life" which I can add from posts here. 

I haven't been to Pinterest lately and have been relying on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to do my promotions for me, but tonight I read an interesting thing you can do there and this is something you probably hadn't thought about doing yourself.  Or I haven't anyway.

Storybook your next book at Pinterest.

To give you more of a visual, Shanna Germain is storyboarding her book and you can see it by clicking here

Isn't that the coolest thing?

The obvious is finding pictures of your characters, but you can also put up locations, anything your heart desires that will help you visualize your story in progress.

Are you storyboarding your book at Pinterest?  If so, let us see your board by leaving the link in the comment section!

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  1. Thanks so much for the nice words! I find Pinterest to be the perfect way to storyboard books (and to collect images that I'll want to eventually use for short stories).

    Best, s.

  2. Ha! You found me! I just thought this was so neat so you needed a little publicity for it. ;o)

  3. Agreed with Shanna, I do the same: collect image that inspire me for several book ideas I have.
    Once I fully write and publish the first book I will also use pinterest to illustrate the book

  4. How neat, Oliver...what's the link so we can see it?


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