The Story Behind Tickling Daphne H. by Veronica Frances

 The Story Behind Tickling Daphne H.
By Veronica Frances

Tickling Daphne H. began as a short story that had been circulating around in my head for quite a while. It was only 60 pages at the start. The characters began to taunt me and keep me awake at night. Sometimes it even seemed as though they were tickling me, making me awaken in the middle of the night to write more and more. The story became so much more real and interesting to me, as the characters led me into an erotic, tantalizing and delightful ticklish journey into my own imagination.

I always wanted to write fiction, erotic fiction in particular. I had been writing poetry and non-fiction for most of my life. I used to write romantic and erotic stories when I was in high school.

After high school, I began writing a lot of poetry and I never thought that I would have the patience and perseverance to write an entire novel of erotic fiction. I certainly never expected to end up writing a 458-page novel about tickling. Poetry was always a very quick way for me to do something expressive and get all my feelings out,and fiction writing took so much more time and focus, focus that I sometimes just didn’t have. Deep down, I knew that I needed to return to fiction writing and I am so glad I did, as it has been a truly life-changing experience.

One of the things that made me begin writing Tickling Daphne H. was my disbelief atthe lack of tickling material out there. In movies in particular, there is so little about tickling. Tickling scenes are usually short, and tickling in the media is generallysparse. I felt the world needed a real juicy story that was based primarily on tickling. There are a few other fetishes that make their way into the story as well,but there is tickling throughout, along with lots of romance, sex and some very ticklish disputes between the characters.

I had also wanted to write abouta delightfully unusual group of people, who do not always live by everyday standards and who sometimes behave in ways that some might even find inappropriate. I wanted my characters to beunique, vivid, real, sensual, inwardly tortured and alive.

My other motivation behind writing Tickling Daphne H. was to inspire and encourage people not to be ashamed of their fetishes. Fetishes are a part of life. I think people should stop hiding who they are and just enjoy the things that excite them and make them feel more alive. People are so busy hiding their deepest desires and it is causing so many unhappy and unfulfilling relationships.

I want people to understand that tickling, like any other fetish has a darker side, but so do people. I wanted to show the struggles that people face in the grip of the very thing that excites them. I wanted to take my characters to the very edge of their desires and make them experience pleasure and sometimes, some of the more difficult and darker sides of life and themselves.

I also wanted to show how wonderful and exciting tickling can be and how some people need it in their lives to be happy and completely fulfilled. I wanted to make the point, that what one person finds unpleasant, shocking or inappropriate, another person might find pleasurable and exciting.

People ask me how much of my actual life is related to my novel, other than my tickling fetish. Though Tickling Daphne fiction and not really related to my actual life, Daphne’s romantic nature lives inside of me and I admit that I found myself peeking out through her eyes many times as I wrote Tickling Daphne H.Daphne is also slightly Rubenesque and I have struggled with body image issues throughout my life. I could relate to Daphne’s struggles to let go and love her body, allowing herself to be tickled.

My inner ticklish self jumped out at me more times than I can mention. That is the joy of writing fiction. Finding oneself through the maze of the untamed imagination is delightful, sometimes scary and a definite road to self-discovery.

I have had a tickling fetish for as long as I can remember. Writing has been a wonderful way to channel my fetish and use it to make my readers happy. I hope to continue writing more tickling stories and other erotica as well.


Veronica Frances is the pseudonym for a creative writer, residing in New York City. She has had a love of tickling for her entire life. She enjoys singing and writing songs. She also writes non-fiction and poetry.
Her latest book is Tickling Daphne H.

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