Book Review: April Snow, by Lynn Steward

Title: April Snow
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Author: Lynn Steward
Publisher: Lynn Steward Publishing

As so often happens, a marriage is broken beyond mending, and the partners are in that state of suspension before the divorce. This is where Dana McGarry finds herself as she vacations in one of her favorite cities, London.

Imaginative author, Lynn Steward, creates a realistic world inhabited by characters that walk and talk as if they were live. It is here that Dana tries to understand her rapid decision to end her marriage to her unfaithful, neglectful husband who has shown a preference for his mistress. She also confronts the problems in her career as a buyer for a well-known department store in New York City. She wants to help the store move forward against the competition that seems more progressive in their marketing ideas, but is stymied by her boss who refuses to consider new ideas.

April Snow is a well-written tale, a blend of several characters’ lives that touch upon Dana’s life, sharing joys and sorrows as they live out their parts of the story. A balanced blend of the many emotions that make up the lives of people the reader can easily bond with to share their joys and sorrows, hopes and disappointments, this tales is a showcase for the talents of Lynn Steward, a story that will seem biographical to some and very possible to many.

I’m pleased to recommend April Snow to anyone who enjoys a good tale that lets the reader become one of the characters. Open the first page and step into a world that will seem new and yet familiar, as a visit to a town where one might enjoy living. You will really like meeting these people and find yourself looking forward to future visits with them in future stories by this talented writer.

Enjoy. I sure did.

Anne K. Edwards, guest reviewer 

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