Guest post by Liane Brouillette, author of 'Help Your Child to Thrive: Making the Best of a Struggling Public Education System'

In a world where day-to-day communication can be superficial, writing allows us to get to a deeper level and to thoughtfully engage with important issues. Because of the hustle and bustle of daily life, this sort of communication can be difficult to undertake face-to-face. We are often in such a hurry that it is hard to say much more than "Hi" or "Bye." But we can write whenever we find the time and inspiration. We can read whenever we feel motivated to do so.

Through books, we can thoughtfully explore important issues. People can read and reflect in whatever way is most comfortable to them. This allows for more active engagement with ideas than other media. This communication can be vivid in a way that is difficult to encounter elsewhere. I find that exciting.

For me, writing functions as a way of reflecting on experience, allowing me to connect with experiences more meaningfully. Even if I did not write for publication, I would still write. However, publishing my work has the added benefit of making it possible to enter into a dialogue with readers.

I find it easiest to write early in the morning, when the day is fresh and my mind is most alert. On mornings when nothing seems to flow, I usually try to get out in the open air. Going for a walk seems to not just get my blood flowing; it usually gets my thoughts flowing as well.

Title:  Help Your Child to Thrive: Making the Best of a Struggling Public Education System
Genre: Non-fiction, parenting, education
Author: Liane Brouillette
Publisher: Balboa Press
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Liane Brouillette has a passion for helping families prepare children to thrive in school and out. She has taught at the pre-university level in both Europe and the United States. Currently, Dr. Brouillette is an associate professor of educational policy at the University of California, Irvine and Director of the UCI Center for Learning in the Arts, Sciences and Sustainability. She also serves as managing editor of the Journal for Learning through the Arts.

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