How to Create a Great Work Area for Inspiration by MC Domovitch

How to Create a Great Work Area for Inspiration
by MC Domovitch

My husband and I spend our summers at our farm in BC. It is an idyllic spot, an ocean-side farmhouse on eight acres of lush land. When we first bought the place, I was convinced this would be my perfect writing place, a spot where inspiration would flow uninterrupted.

Although my husband has his own office in an adjoining wing of the house, he wanders in and out constantly. I don’t know about other writers, but I find short conversations, or even just the odd comment within hearing distance, very distracting. When I ask him to please give me some uninterrupted time, I know he has every intention of doing so, but it is beyond him. It’s cute really, the way he wants to share everything with me the moment it happens. Sure enough, two minutes later he’ll be back with a, “Just this one last thing…” 

Recently I came up with a solution. I had to find a quiet spot before frustration turned to murder, so, I got myself a she shed. For anyone who hasn’t hear of them, a she shed is the female equivalent of a man cave.  

Mine is a small ten-by-ten clapboard shed with a book shelf, a desk and a chair. Nothing fancy. Nothing to distract me from my work. That is where I escape, every day, to write. The peace and quiet there is bliss. It is about twenty feet from our gold-fish pond, and whenever I need a short break, I wander over and feed the fish. Or I take a walk over to our beehives and watch the bees zoom in and out of their hives. It feels a bit like meditation. Then, when an idea pops into my mind, I rush back and start typing away furiously again.

For anybody who aspires to write, the only way to get anything done is to find your own private spot. You can put a “Do Not Disturb Under Penalty of Murder” sign on your door, or put in a lock on it, but I found that there is always some situation that is deemed to be an emergency. That’s why my shed-shed is my perfect writing space. It also has prevented the spilling of blood.  

M C Domovitch is the author of nine novels, four of which were published under the name of Carol Ann Martin (by Penguin), another two under the name Monique Domovitch (by Carina Press) The other three are published as M C Domovitch, Scorpio Rising, The Sting of the Scorpio (Both now republished in one single tome) and Scar Tissue. The decision to use a different pen name was based on her departure from cozy mysteries and entering the Romance and Romantic Suspense genres.
Before becoming an author, Monique had multiple careers, beginning with modeling. She won a modeling contest in the 70s and became one of Canada's top models. After retiring from the fashion industry, she studied finance and joined an investment company. This led to a new career as host of her own television show about investing, with the television network, WTN. Following her retirement from finance, she decided to pursue her true passion, writing. At a writing workshop at San Diego's Writers' Conference, one of her unpublished books caught the eye of a publisher and of an agent. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Domovitch lives with her physician husband and their dogs. They divide their time between homes in Victoria and Toronto Canada and Key Largo Florida.
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