Where Do Dreams Come From?: Interview with Children's Picture Book Author Kim Delgado

I have a special treat for you today.  I interviewed Kim Delgado, author of the really unique children’s picture book, Where Do Dreams Come From?  What makes this book so different is that it is personalized.  What a treat for any child, grandchild, niece or nephew!

Kim Delgado is also the owner of KD Novelties, an independent publisher of personalized children's books. She has written several award winning children's books and has gotten featured in several publications. 

When she is not busy writing books or running her publishing company, you can find her tutoring children who struggle with reading in her local school district. She is also a board member and serves in her local soup kitchen feeding the homeless and families in need. 

Thank you for this interview, Kim.  Can we begin by having you tell us how you got started writing children’s picture books? Is this your first book?

Kim: I have been an avid reader since childhood and have always been intrigued with children’s books and making the stories unique to the reader. Back in 2000 I came across a book that reminded me of the  Choose Your Own Adventure series books that I loved as a child. Choose Your Own Adventure series were children’s game books published in the 1970s where the reader decided the outcome of the story. I then decided to write unique stories where the child becomes the main
character of the story.

Where Do Dreams Come From? is my second published book.

So what is the story behind Where Do Dreams Come From?

Kim: The story was sparked from my own childhood in always trying to decipher my dreams and also from my children who often asked how are dreams made and where do they come from?  I then decided to take the story on an imaginary journey to satisfy the most curious child and expand their imagination. The premise of the story was to make it a perfect bedtime story to encourage reading and instill pleasant dreams. 

Why did you decide to start your own publishing company?

Kim: I initially decided to work with another publisher for my line of books and realized that I wanted to publish my own line of books under my own publishing name.  Most importantly my vision is to branch out and work with authors and illustrators in publishing their works and getting them known in the children’s book industry.

What kind of obstacles did you face starting your publishing company?

Kim: Not having the staff to assist with the operations of the publishing side of business.  Most will tell you to start small which is absolutely correct, however, there are limitations when starting small.  There is much work involved for one person to handle on their own and it’s very important to find the right staff that will work as part of your overall team.  Financing was also an obstacle since I had to start from scratch and I needed to think through all the possible funding options.

What’s next for you? More children’s books?

Kim: I am looking to work with more authors and illustrators this year in getting their works published and even expanding our reach globally.  I have about 4 children’s books I’m working on for this year and hope to have them all available before Christmas.
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