Character Guest Post with Georgeanna Robards of Justice Denied is Justice Delayed by Preston Howard #characterguestpost

Have we got a treat for you! Today's guest is Georgeanna Robards. Haven't heard of her? Shame on you! She's in Preston Howard's new book, Justice Delayed is Justice Denied! Take it away, Georgeanna!

Hi there, readers! You’ll find me prominently displayed in all my idiosyncratic glory in Preston Howard’s novel, Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. I meet Preston at our condo gym, where he’s working off a bender from the previous night; while I’m looking for love in all the right places, or in Preston’s case, the wrong places.

I introduce myself to Preston as George, short for Georgeanna (Robards) and the repartee between us tends toward the absurd and the lascivious, which sets the tenor for our future connection. Preston describes me as looking like the famous actress Olivia Colman, which at first I appreciated until he called me a “tweener,” not exactly a looker, but not a dog either. C’mon, when I look in the mirror, I see Michelle Pfeiffer! 

On our first date, we discover so many common interests: books, traveling, bridge, and most of all…those Chicago Cubs. But alas, I absolutely will not go to bed with the man or even see him again, until he gets off the bottle, or in case, normally Pinot Noir. So our liaison is put on hold until Preston can get his s**t together.

And how he does! After an intervention, during which I bawl like an infant, Preston visits a Betty Ford clinic and goes on the straight and narrow, much to my gratification. Then I open my legs for the man….Boy, I’m such a horny woman. Preston worries that I might give him the Big One, and he’s not talking about an earthquake. I’ve never give a man a heart attack while having sex, and since I have fallen in love with Preston, I sincerely hope his aorta functions as intended.

In the end, Preston his daughter Anne and friend Tony Nelson become embroiled in a murder plot so dastardly that I won’t describe it. Don’t want to spoil the end!

Preston Howard has retired from his rewarding profession as a labor lawyer, where he represented law enforcement officers not only in Texas but across the country. As a renowned expert, he spoke at meetings and conferences about topical labor law issues not only in the United States, but in other countries as well.  He now lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he spends his time writing novels.
His first book, “The Sheltering Palms,” was highly praised. One reviewer said, “…had me hooked right from the start.” Another person wrote, “…storytelling at its best.”

His latest effort, “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied,” tracks his struggles with retirement: a divorce from his wife, alcoholism, and thoughts of murder either of the president or three corrupt police offices he represented ten years before. As he wrestles with these concerns, he also dips his foot into the dating scene, meeting an attractive senior lady. As in his first novel, Preston Howard’s observations about the human condition are hilarious and on point.

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Author: Preston Howard & Anne Howard
Publisher: PHP
Pages: 335
Genre: Noir Crime Thriller

Retired attorney Preston Howard obsesses about the newly elected, bombastic and narcissistic president, and three corrupt Austin police officers whom he represented and saved from capital murder charges and execution ten years before. After his wife divorces him and his drinking reaches gargantuan proportions, Howard’s thoughts turn to murderous impulses as the only way he can stamp out one, or both of his fixations. Howard and his co-author, daughter Anne Howard, tell the story, often with hilarious observations, of compulsion, addiction, love, and in the end, the search for justice.

“I thought Preston Howard’s first book was terrific, but Justice Delayed is Justice Denied is a home run! One of the best books I’ve read in years.” – John P. Davis, Knoxville, Tennessee
“Preston Howard’s writing and insights into politics and the legal system keep getting better and better. Justice Delayed is hilarious and on point!” – Amy Margulies, Austin, Texas

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