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Have we got a treat for you! Today's guest is Olivia Richards. Haven't heard of her? Shame on you! She's in Joni Parker's new book, Edge of Death: Book Two of the Admiralty Archives! Take it away, Olivia!

Once A Journalist by Olivia Richards

Journalism is in my blood. From the time I was in elementary school, I pretended to be a news anchor on TV, interviewing my classmates and teachers for who knows what. Even my husband claims that I’m interviewing him when I ask him questions. I only ask him so many questions because he doesn’t give me thorough answers. Is such that a bad thing?

My dream interview would be with this girl I know. Actually, she’s not longer a girl; she’s in her twenties now. Her name is Alex and she used to be one of my Elf neighbors on this island called ‘Seaward Isle.’ To read more about my arrival and my early days on the island called, ‘The Island Game: The Inside Story of Seaward Isle,’ at this link:

As a soldier, Alex has been involved in a lot of dangerous missions. Her name keeps coming up when something important happens. She’s had something to do with the killing of several criminals and strangely enough, she’s even responsible for getting us off the island. Somehow, she broke the spell that destroyed the storms surrounding it. But she won’t tell me a thing even though I’ve assured her she’d remain anonymous.

How frustrating!

Foolishly, I thought when I came back from that island to the mortal world on Earth, I’d never hear her name again, but I just read a newspaper article about a foiled assassination attempt on VADM Sir Teller of the British Royal Navy. A reliable source told me she was the one who caught the suspect before he had a chance to do anything, but the official story claims the Royal Marines did it in conjunction with the police. If she was there, she was involved; she’s not a bystander. I happened to mention it to my new boss at Sky News who wants me to set up an interview with her, but I know she won’t do it. Maybe I can get an interview with the Admiral and he can confirm the story and her involvement. Where did I put his business card?

Fantasy novels are Joni Parker’s writing passion. Thus far, she’s written two complete series:“The Seaward Isle Saga,” a trilogy, and “The Chronicles of Eledon,” the award-winning four-book series. Her latest series, “The Admiralty Archives,” began with the publication of her book, “Curse of the Sea” and continues with the second book in that series, “Edge of Death.” Her work extends beyond novels into short stories and blog articles. Joni’s retired from military and federal government service and devotes her time to writing. She currently resides in Tucson, Arizona.

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In this second installment of The Admiralty Archives, the warrior Lady Alexin, the Keeper of the Keys for the Elf realm of Eledon, finds herself exiled to the harsh world of near-future London. Rendered little more than a political pawn by the Elfin Council of Elders to avoid a war with the Rock Elves, she has little choice but to struggle to find her way in this strange new land. Taken under the protection of kindly mentors, Vice Admiral Malcolm Teller of the British Royal Navy and his wife, Alex brings all her skills to the fore as she uncovers a series of deadly plots.
Murder is on everyone’s mind as an underground White Supremacist organization takes aim at Admiral Teller while two wizards, resurrected from death, must kill Alex in order to survive. To make matters worse, the Rock Elves dispatch a hundred assassins from Eledon with their sole mission to bring Lady Alexin to the very… Edge of Death.

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