Book Promotion Tips

A Book's Four Most Important Selling Points - Applying the Kiss Principle by Marta Tandori
Authors: Do You Believe in Yourself & Your Book? by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
Book Signing Experiences of an Unknown Author by Dennis N. Griffin
Building Brand Recognition from Scratch," by Rudy A. Mazzocchi
Clever way to get my attention to download your free Kindle book by Dorothy Thompson
Consider Radio by John Knoerle
Halloween Marketing by Mayra Calvani
How a Web Presence Landed My Book in Hollywood by Tony Eldridge
How Many Books Do I Need to Sell to Become a Kindle Bestseller? by Marnie Pehrson
How OK! Magazine taught me a thing or two about book promotion by Dorothy Thompson
How Self-Syndication Leads to Free Publicity by Dorothy Thompson
How to Make Do-It-Yourself 3D Movies to Promote Your Book by Dorothy Thompson
How to Manage Your Fears of Being on TV and On the Radio by Stanley Popovich
How to Promote Your Self-Published eBook the Guerilla Way by Dorothy Thompson
How to Sell Your First Novel by Randy Sue Coburn
How to Turn Your Book Into a Movie - Douglas Carlton Abrams Tells Us How!
Judging a Book by its Cover by Christine Amsden
Marketing for Dummies (And Indies!) by Amy Metz
Promotion Begins with the First Word by L. Diane Wolfe
Pump Up Your Book Promotion with Do-it-Yourself Book Trailers
Social Media and Promoting One’s Book by R. Barri Flowers
Tips to Help New Authors Promote Wisely by Karen White
What Your Readers and Book Buyers Want to Know About You and What You Need to Know About Them by Dorothy Thompson
Why Book Tours are Expensive (More Comedy on the Road)," by Melodie Campbell

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