Clever way to get my attention to download your free Kindle book

I think I hate spam more than anyone on this planet and I'm quite a pro at recognizing them and deleting them all in the same breath.  But today, I thought this was a really smart move on this author.  Here's the email:

Hi, my name is AJ Harmon and I am a new romance novel author
and I found you from your reviews you have left on Amazon.
I see that you love a good romance novel and I am emailing you to let
you know that my first book, First Class to New York, is available for FREE
on Kindle through March 5th. I would love it if you would download it and read it.
And, if you like it, please leave me a review and let your friends know about me!
I started writing on a bet. Yep, on a bet! My girlfriends and I had read a top selling
romance series and many of us were very disappointed in the lack of character
development and the unrealistic story line. So, I said I could write a better book.
Now, here I am 5 months later just releasing my fourth book and loving my new career.
So download a complimentary copy of my first book and check out my series.
I really hope you enjoy them as much as I love writing them. I look forward to your feedback.

Okay, so I clicked the link to be curious and I landed on the Amazon page with the free download and what the heck you know?  Did I mention it was free?

I hope AJ doesn't mind me sharing his marketing prowness with my readers and I hope he gets a few more downloads (hey guys it's free!), but I wanted to use this as an example.  One - he took the time to figure out I was an Amazon reviewer who loves romances. Two - he connected with me mentioning I like romances.  Three - I love to help authors.  Oh, four - it was free. 

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