Katie Allison Granju is editing a new anthology, titled "How It Sold:
The inside story from real authors on how their books made it into

The idea is this: just as women share their birth stories and
soldiers swap war stories, writers trade publication stories.
Aspiring authors, in particular, are always hungry for these tales,
but even those who have already been published are eager to see how
their peers "made it."

In "How It Sold," dozens of published authors throw open the windows
on how they took their books from initial idea to the bookstore
shelf. All the juicy details, including finding an agent (or pitching
without one), writing proposals and synopses, negotiating an offer,
working with editors and publicists, and more are included. Each
individual publishing tale offers a unique, honest and personal view
of the many paths to publication.

I am looking for essays of between 1000 and 2500 words from published
authors who are willing to share their own journeys through the
twists and turns of the publishing landscape. I welcome writers from
all genres, including:

-Fiction, both literary and mainstream
-Narrative non-fiction
-How-to guides
-Scholarly books
-Comic books
-Coffee table and cookbooks
-Travel guides
-Self-published books
-Series books
-Books of poetry
-Children's and juvenile books

Writers selected for inclusion in the book will retain copyright to
their essays. On publication, writers will receive two copies of the
book, plus an equal share (divided among all contributors) of 1/2 of
the total advance for the book.

Please send your submissions by 07/15/05 to:

Katie Allison Granju at
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