Confessions of Super Mom - New Book!

I have found the funniest, most delightful book I just have to buy. It's called CONFESSIONS OF SUPER MOM by Melanie Lynne Hauser. I'm a devout chick lit fan and just had to go to her website at and check out the first chapter. It's hilarious!

Over at TWL Author Talks, we were talking about what books we'll be seeing in the future. Tarilyn Moore, one of the members of the group, asked Julie Kenner, who was our guest this week where she thought the market was heading in the next couple of years. Julie responded:

"I think historical romances are going to have a slow return, but I do
think they're on the rise, what w/ the interest in historical
fiction. I think paranormal will be around for a while, but I think
vampires will peak and decline, to be replaced by something else (I'm going out
on a limb and say shapeshifters; how's that for a crystal ball). I think
romantic comedy will come back, but will be less slapsticky and incorporate more
elements of chicklit. I think the chicklit market is flooded and
buying/sales will plateau. The genre will split into even more
subgenres. Chicklit mystery will be a hot "new" thing."

I couldn't agree with her more. I believe that more chic lit is going to be coming out, but with even more "substance" for lack of a better word. I think that mystery chick lit will boom, as well as other sub-genres.


BTW, look for Melanie's interview coming soon!
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