NY Times Bestseller Book Seen on Oprah Is Alarming, Says Human Behavior Expert

In an article in the NY Times, Patrick Wanis disses the book, "He's Just Not That Into You" by saying...

"...women are being fooled into thinking that they no longer need suffer to understand their boyfriend’s weird behavior or make the relationship work, all they need do is dump him and find another guy. “The danger”, Wanis says, “is that this book now makes women helpless, powerless and dependent, It claims that if the man doesn’t act exactly the way she wants and when she wants, he doesn’t love her. The book undermines equality of the sexes and regresses us to a time when women were at the mercy of men, waiting for men to rescue, dominate and make decisions for them."

Okay, gimme a break here. You mean to tell me that all you have to do to get into the NY Times is to totally diss a bestselling book? Is that all it takes? Okay, so the guy has some kind of credentials, but all it is is his point of view, isn't it?

I gave this book to my daughter and she loves it. I really can't tell you whether it's any good or not since I haven't read it, but crimey, what I've heard about it, it's a darn good book.

Oh, the article just happens to mention that this Patrick Wanis is the author of "How to Get Over It - Breakups, Betrayals and Rejection."

Does this look like just another "diss his book but buy mine" blatant promotional job to you? Hasn't he learned that in order to get anywhere with your own book is to join allies with the competition?

Of course, he made headlines so what do I know. Look out, Edgar Cayce.
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