Looking for Memorable Booksigning Quotes for Article

These days, it’s not enough to have a book published. No matter what kind of publisher you go with, it’s mainly up to you, the author, to get out there and sell your book. You are your book’s best publicist when it comes to whether your book makes it or doesn’t.

One of the many ways to promote your book is via booksignings. However, is it worth the time and expense?

I would like to ask those of you out there that are published what was your most memorable booksigning? What made this signing stand out more than the other? Was it the fact that it was your first book or maybe it was the fact that you were treated royally by the staff? Or was it that you were signing at an off-the-main-beat sort of place that was fun and made it seem like play and not work?

I'm putting together an article about these memorable booksignings for my blog and an article for online publications. If you are interested in participating, email me at thewriterslife@yahoo.com. Please try to keep your quotes under 500 words (flexible either way). If you have any questions, you may leave it in under comments below. Thanks!

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