Hook Us With Your First Page # 1

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It's the first installment of HOOK US WITH YOUR FIRST PAGE!

Our first entry is from Paul R. Miller who writes fantasy and fiction.

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Chapter One


It was the pizza that did him in.

Oh, he knew that the accident report – because there would be one, God knew why, it was so stupid, but there it was – would probably list “cell phone usage”as a contributing factor, and the cops were sure to give him a lecture about distracted driving on top of whatever tickets they were sure to issue, but Jason knew it wasn’t the phone. The only thing distracting about his driving had been his incredible craving for a pizza. Not just any old pie, either. No, it was to be a bacon cheddar cheeseburger pizza. Lightly browned, hand-tossed crust, big chunks of beef mixed in with bits of bacon and sprinkled with cheddar cheese. The stuff dreams were made of.

Jason didn’t think he was one of those people everyone hated, one of those idiots who just couldn’t seem to grasp the simple concept of multi-tasking. He had never understood what was so difficult about talking on the cell while driving, what made people forget about everything else and veer into other people’s lanes or sit for two minutes at a green light.

And it wasn’t just driving that seemed to screw those people up. No, the phone seemed to complicate even the simplest of activities. He could be sitting in a coffee shop, quietly reading a book, when some moron’s phone would ring. Jason could never figure out why people couldn’t make their phones silent while out in public. It also seemed to take most people three or four rings – disturbingly loud rings – before their stupid hands figured out how to answer the damn things.


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