Tired of One Rejection After Another?

I guess the title speaks for itself, but have you just about had it with agents and publishers telling you that your query just isn't good enough? Does it royally piss you off when after you've spent months working on a story that just HAS to be a bestseller...after all...your Aunt Divinia loved it and she hates everything and your cousin on your father's side twice-removed said it's the best thing he's read being as he's been incarcerated for the last fifteen years and has had plenty of time to read everything there is...and you get that dreaded NOT FOR ME note? Doesn't it make you want to throw in the towel and take up basket weaving?

Never fret...there's a solution....

Go to www.dorothythompson.youaremighty.com and see what I did to get over the rejection blues...then...after that, put your own name in the url and see what a great picker upper it is!

Truthfully, I'm still waiting on three queries I sent out a couple of weeks ago, but when I get that dreaded rejection slip (which I know I will...so much for positive thinking), I will immediately download the link, sit back and say...I am mighty!!!!

Have fun....;o)
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