Ghost on Tour - Takers Anyone?

I have a special request I'd like to ask my readers. I have a friend who would like to know if there's anyone out there in blogland who would like to host him on his virtual book tour in June. The thing is, and he doesn't mind me telling you, he's a ghost.

Yeah, a ghost.

I know it sounds like the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard of, but believe me, he's alive as you and me and has co-written a book starring six women on a ghost hunt with him playing the part of...himself. He's got quite an ego...believe me, I have known him for about four years now and I don't know how he can live with even himself.

Oh, he likes to drink. And womanize. Just to warn you.

His name is Henri and the book he has co-written is called The Search for the Million $$$ Ghost.

Yeah, that's my book, too, but Henri insists that neither myself, nor Heide Kaminski and Pam Lawniczak, the REAL writers of the book, had anything to do with it. And if I try to tell him that actual fact, he blows up my keep that under your shirt.

With a few cold Coors Light under his belt, he demanded that I set up a virtual book tour page for him. I had no choice...he was holding my computer hostage.

If you'd like to visit his tour page, visit this page. If you would like to see how he talked me into the hair-brained idea, click here.

If you are brave enough to host Henri, the Ghostest with the Mostest, email me at thewriterslife(at)

I thank you, Henri thanks you and my computer thanks you.

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