Our special guest today at The Writer's Life just so happens to be one of my clients at Pump Up Your Book Promotion who is on her first ever virtual book tour! Her name is PG Forte and she's the author of the erotic romance, WAITING FOR THE BIG ONE. Isn't that the coolest thing? I don't think we've had an erotic romance author here at The Writer's Life, so this is a treat!

Although PG's writing runs the gamut from dark-edged paranormal romance-suspense to won't-take-itself-at-all-seriously romantic comedy, there's one thing you can be sure of: It might not hit you right away, but sooner or later, there will be heat. 'Cause's a
name, not a rating!

You can purchase her book, WAITING FOR THE BIG ONE at Liquid Silver Books at or check out her website at and her blog at

TWL: Welcome to The Writer's Life, PG! Can you tell us when your passion for writing began?
PG: Oh, I've been making up stories for as long as I can remember--before I even learned to write them down. And I've always been a voracious reader, as well. I guess it was about seven or eight years ago that I became dissatisfied. I knew exactly the kind of book I wanted to read, I wanted something contemporary, something clever, something that combined everyday-psychic with romance and a little suspense all set in a California location. When I couldn't find anything like it, I decided to sit down and write it myself.

For more information on how that worked out, check out the Oberon series at:

TWL: Can you tell us what your typical 'writing' day is like?

PG: You could say my writing day begins with my first cup of coffee and ends with a last sip of wine. I'm a tad obsessed, to say the least. Now that my son has moved out on his own I actually have an 'office' to go to! Just me and the dog, the turtle and one of our cats. I don't know why they all think this is the place to be (well, other than the turtle, who has no
choice) except that it is very nice.

TWL: Do you write full time?

PG: Yeah, and then some. Up until eight years ago, I could always be found with my nose in a book. Actually, I guess the only thing that's changed since then is that now the book in question is usually one I haven't finished writing yet!

TWL: Can you tell us a little bit about your book?

PG: Waiting for the Big One is my latest release. It's a bit of a departure from my earlier work,
being a first person novella--instead of a really long third person novel. Also it's more romantic comedy than romantic suspense. Here's the blurb:

"Like everyone else in LA, Gabby Brown is waiting for The Big One. The big break that will make her a star. The big quake that will rock the city to its knees. Or, in this case, the Big O, the elusive, G-spot, ultra orgasm.

She thinks she's found the guy who'll give it to her when she meets Zach, the super hot musician who's just moved into her building. But Gabby's quest to find true love and ultimate pleasure with the rock guitarist of her dreams is complicated by her friendship with Derek, the martial arts instructor with whom she's co-writing a screenplay.

Up until now, Gabby has refused to even consider Derek for the role of soul mate because she fears sex will ruin their friendship. But, Derek has ideas of his own about that, and they don't include sharing Gabby with anybody.

When an early morning earthquake precipitates a crisis at her day job, dog-walking the pampered pets of Hollywood's elite, off leash in Runyon Canyon Park, Gabby is going to turn to Derek for help. His actions will force her to re-evaluate her feelings about mixing sex and

TWL: Who published your book and how has your experience with them been?

PG: Waiting for the Big One is published by Liquid Silver Books. I'm thrilled to be part of the LSB family. It's been a pleasure every step of the way. And their covers rock!

TWL: Can you tell us the inspiration behind your book? I wrote Waiting for the Big One partly on a dare and partly for an astrologically themed contest.

But the idea for the story itself came from a poem I'd written about life in Los Angeles.

TWL: Can you tell us ways you are promoting your book? Have they been successful?

PG: I'll try anything I hear about. To date, I'd say that magazine ads, author chats and MySpace seem to have had the biggest impact on sales.

TWL: Do you have a mentor?

PG: Not really. But I've been blessed with some kick-ass critique partners.

TWL: What future projects do you have in the works?

PG: Here's some of what I have planned. For more information, and some excerpts, check out my website at

Love, from A to Z

When April's memory goes missing, all her money can't buy it back. Good thing Zach's on hand to teach her about Love, from A to Z.

Sea Change

Love alone was not enough to help Cara and Liam overcome the trauma in her past. Now, it's time for the pair to get creative.

Let Me Count the Ways

Former starlet Claire Calhoun is used to calling the shots--in and out of bed. That all changes when she gets involved with Mike Sherman, her accountant and long-time fan.

Edge of Heaven

Edge is an unlikely angel. Unable to atone for his sins, he's resigned to spending eternity in Limbo. Until he meets a miracle named Amanda.


Nineteenth century Ireland. Blacksmith Gavin O'Malley faces a bitter choice. Will he lose his heart to the lovely fae Aislinn, or lose his soul to save her?

Air Borne

A Hawaiian honeymoon turns suspenseful when Brent and Ruth unexpectedly find themselves involved in a race to locate and recover the fabled 'Alaneo' stones.

Earth Walk

Being Medicine can be lonely, and Chenoa Johnson's sick of it. Until a chance encounter gives her a new perspective on life, love and healing.

Devil Tree Inn

There are worse things in life than inheriting a couples-only vacation resort on a beautiful tropical island. Too bad Patience Sinclair can't think of any.

The Lazy Shaman's Guide to Enlightenment

Two best friends embark on a spiritual road trip. Sometimes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single stop for coffee and doughnuts.

TWL: Can you give aspiring authors words of advice towards getting published?

PG: Write what you like to read. It's trite and it's definitely been said before, but it's true all the same. Publishing has definite trends and what's hot when you start writing your first book might be overdone by the time you're finished. But if you write what you like, chances other people will like it will also stand a better chance of holding your interest long enough for you to get to 'the end'. I think actually finishing that first book is one of the hardest things to accomplish. But, if you can't finish it, you'll never sell it. So, I guess my advice is: write what you want to read and don't stop 'til it's done.

TWL: What’s one thing about your life that you think is important, but nobody asks?

PG: Really? People don't ask about things? lol! Must be something about me, then, because people ask me all sorts of things--personal, impersonal, important, completely unimportant. The only kinds of questions I don't get asked are the ones people already suspect they don't want to know the answers too!

TWL: Thank you, PG, and good luck on the rest of your virtual book tour!

If you'd like to visit her tour page to see where she'll be headed next, head over to (her link is in the right hand sidebar).

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