Erotic Romance Author CJ Maxx Visits The Writer's Life!

Our special guest author today is CJ Maxx, author of COMING BACK A VIRGIN. He is here to tell us all about his writing life and why he wrote his latest novel. He is also here on a virtual book tour hosted by Pump Up Your Book Promotion and we will be talking a little bit about that, too.

C. J. Maxx has always enjoyed writing, whether in the military writing citations or efficiency reports, in the private sector writing articles for trade journals, or in his personal life writing in newsletters for volunteer organizations. He turned his interest in writing to fiction in 2002. This is his first fantasy erotic romance. C.J. and his wife live in northern Alabama.

You can visit his website at

Welcome to The Writer’s Life, CJ! Can we begin by having you tell us how and why you got into this crazy business of writing books in the first place?

I've always been a writer. I've been published three times in trade journals and that's a small thrill, seeing your name as the author of an article. But, writing books is what I wanted to do. I had a long commute to work and had several books mapped out in my head before I retired. Once I got started, it was as enjoyable as I thought it would be, but much more difficult to find someone who thought enough of my work to want to publish it.

Your book, COMING BACK A VIRGIN, is an erotic romance, such as your other book, IN THE ARMS OF A WARRIOR. Why did you choose the erotic romance genre to pen your novels?

I consider IN THE ARMS OF A WARRIOR a highly sensual book rather than an erotic one. The different being the language that used. When I first starting writing I couldn't write a romance scene, much less an erotic romance scene. I originally wrote COMING BACK A VIRGIN as a short story to help me write romance. That's still in there. It helped me but no one was interested in publishing it. When I decided to make it into an erotic romance, people were interested. Three publishers, actually.

Can you tell us what the most challenging thing about writing erotic romance is?

Getting things right from the female perspective. I had three females reading what I was writing, making sure it was correct.

Can you tell us what the most rewarding thing about writing erotic romance is?

It's probably the same as reading it. It's a turn on.

Let’s talk about your typical day. Do you have a set time for writing or do you let the muse hit you?

I'm a morning person and we watch our two granddaughters while their parents work. I have from about four in the morining until around eight-thirty to write. I don't write that whole time but that's what's available. After that the girls show up and, as the oldest one says, "Girls rule." No writing gets done after that.

The characters in your book…can you tell us who they are and describe them briefly?

Lorraine is the female character. She a fictional character that stars in her author's pornographic self-published novels. Of course, she has the ideal body--for males. She's the star of this story, no doubt. Walter, the author, doesn't have much sexual experience outside his vivid imagination. He's kind of nondescript for a romance character. He's pretty much clueless when it comes to the opposite sex, not unlike a lot of males.

What kind of a setting did you choose and why did you choose it?

The story is about Lorraine teaching him to write romance in a meaningful and entertaining manner. Most of it takes place in his condo.

How long did it take for COMING BACK A VIRGIN to be published from the time you signed the contract to the time it was released?

I signed the contract in December, 2006 and it was published in August 1, 2207.

Did you have any input on cover design?

They didn't use what I suggested but I'm very pleased with the cover. The cover artist did good, very good.

How about your title? How did you come up with such a really unique name?

My wife came up with the title. It is good, no one's tried to change it.

I understand that you are on a virtual book tour. Can you tell my readers how that has been for you so far?

It's been busy. I've done quite a few blog interviews and blog posts plus Dorothy's had me set up my own blog for the title. I'm getting exposure that I didn't have before. I'm also looking at my books from a different perspective. That's helps me when I pitch it, it gives me more insight into my writing.

Why did you choose Pump Up Your Book Promotion to represent you instead of doing it yourself?

I love to write and don't like to market. I'm not very good at marketing either. I've learned a lot from working with her.

Do you have any helpful hints you would like to tell those authors who are about to embark on their own virtual book tours?

Set some time aside each day to do these interviews. Think about how you want to present yourself. Be prepared to do some work. It'll pay off.

I thank you for coming, CJ. Would you like to tell us how we can pick up a copy of your book, COMING BACK A VIRGIN?

You can use this URL into Whisky Creek Press-Torrid to buy the book:

If you want to read an excerpt first, you can go to my website: Thank you for having me. I enjoyed the visit and the opportunity to reach your readers.

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