The S.R.E. Web Widget

Aaron Shepherd has devised yet another way we can keep track of our sales rankings at Amazon. He's calling it the S.R.E. Web Widget which when adding the code for it on your blog, you and your viewers can see at an easy glance what your sales rankings are on a daily basis at Amazon.

If you go here, you'll see the code which includes a snippet of html. At the end of the html, you'll see a set of numbers. What you simply do is replace those numbers with your numbers. If you are not familiar with this, it's simply your ISBN with a letter of the alphabet after it which you can find in your browser when going to your sales page at Amazon.

If you want to see how I set mine up for my one and only paperback book, click here and look in the right hand sidebar.

What I like about it is that I can keep track of my Amazon rankings without having to go over to Amazon...waaay cool!

Aaron, you simply amaze me!

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