911 Suicide Bomber Book Gives Another Side to the Story

I am reading the most fantastic book. It's called Marwan: The Autobiography of a 911 Terrorist by Aram Schefrin.

I started reading the book at work yesterday and it was so good, I got 60 pages read. It's a fictionalized book, but he based the story on true facts. There really was a Marwan (something I didn't realize) and all the characters' names are real. The thing about this book is that it's written from the terrorists' point of view so you can see what their minds were like, what their upbringing was like, what their religion was like.

I have gotten to the point where they are in flight school and what was interesting is the fact that Florida is like the best place to go through flight school because of weather conditions and that's where the terrorists' chose to go to learn how to fly...and it cost them thousands to do this. Schefrin's writing style is about the best I have read in a long time or I wouldn't even be telling you this. Really impressed with this book. I mean REALLY impressed. I wrote up a little bit about it at Book Marketing Buzz (http://www.bookmarketingbuzz.wordpress.com/) if you'd like to hear more of my ramblings, but I'm serious...if you want a good book to read that you can't put down, this is definitely the one.

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