The Heretic
by Andrew Feder
ISBN-10: 1434330540
Publisher: AuthorHouse

Women flock adoringly to him. Men fear his battlefield prowess. He believes in a monotheistic, infinite God and he’s the best friend of the most powerful man in the world. However, in his time, he was considered not only a hero, but a heretic as well. Meet Aias, the unsung hero behind Alexander the Great, in Andrew Feder’s gripping new novel, “The Heretic.”

“The Heretic” is both a thrilling mystery adventure and a powerful cultural commentary, because though Feder’s fictional war hero Aias’ religious and sexual practices would be typical today, in ancient Greece, where polytheism and homosexuality were the prominent cultural mores, he was considered an outright heretic. This thought-provoking novel whisks readers back in time with an intriguing story of war and romance, but it actually begins set in a futuristic America.

“The Heretic” is the sequel to Feder’s first novel, “When Angels Have Risen” starring post-modern American Senator Jerry Fletcher. Following some bizarre dreams and an unsettling experience at a Los Angeles museum, Fletcher decides to see a psychic and go under a regression to tap into his past lives. Aias’ story is told through Fletcher’s regression, when he experiences his past life as the Greek war hero.

Aias was Alexander the Great’s mentor and friend, and a key ingredient to his famous military successes. Thanks to Aias’ formidable battle tactics, his enemies nicknamed him The Decapitator. After Alexander’s army enters Egypt, Aias falls in love with an Egyptian high priestess, who shares many of his counter-culture viewpoints and opens his eyes to the secret truth behind the Egyptian sciences and discoveries.

Filled with incredible historical details about one of the most illustrious military campaigns in history, sizzling romance and mystical themes, “The Heretic” is a provocative novel sure to spice up the day of any historical fiction fan.

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