Left to Die
Lisa Jackson
Zebra Books
ISBN-10: 1420102761
ISBN-13: 978-1420102765
484 pages

The first of her best selling romantic thrillers to be set in Montana, LEFT TO DIE takes readers to the magnificent Bitteroot Mountain Range, its beauty marred by the horror of the killings taking place there.

In nearby
Granite Falls, the sheriff’s department and the FBI are struggling to catch a break in their pursuit of a murderer they’re certain is a serial killer. Patience may be a virtue, but with no real evidence time becomes the enemy for Detectives Regan Pescoli and Selena Alvarez. Tempers frayed, anxiety high, they’re turning over every rock they can to find something, anything that will send them in a new direction. Then Jillian Rivers’ car plummets into a canyon, her front tires shot out and, as with the victims before her, she is nowhere to be found.

When Jillian comes to in the heart of mountains, she’s stranded in the cabin of her rescuer, Zane MacGregor. A winter storm rages around them. Injured, Jillian must rely on MacGregor, wants to trust him. But she knows a killer is running rampant in the area—one whose victims, tied naked to a tree, are left to die. MacGregor’s secrets and disappearances keep her on edge, afraid and lead to only question—is he her hero or her killer?

In LEFT TO DIE, Lisa Jackson creates a storm ravaged world and fills it with an array of characters and relationships involving colleagues, families, partners, spouses, exes and lovers, presenting a tale that frightens and intrigues as much as it entertains.

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