D. Barkley Briggs v-loggs book, A BOOK OF NAMES, for virtual blog tour

D. Barkley Briggs is no ordinary young adult fantasy author. His book, A Book of Names, was the result of a tragic accident that killed his wife, leaving his sons motherless. Briggs decided that in order to help his sons (and himself) through the grief, he'd write a story about hope, about living life courageously when it seems as if everything around you is falling apart, and about taking real life tragedies and turning them into something positive.

A Books of Names is a classic fantasy epic full of adventure in the style of Tolkien and Lewis. Briggs' tells us the back story behind the book which I think you will find interesting. Pick up a copy of A Book of Names by visiting Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, or ask for it at your local bookstore. You can visit Briggs' website to learn more about this wonderful young adult fantasy novel by visiting www.hiddenlands.net.

Watch D. Barkley Briggs telling us the backstory of The Book of Names:

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