Pump Up V-Logs: Historical Fiction Author Lloyd Lofthouse Talks About Revising and Editing

I'm happy to have as my guest today Lloyd Lofthouse, author of the historical fiction novel, My Splendid Concubine!

Lloyd is here with us today to talk about editing and revising your manuscripts before sending it to the publisher or editor, something that is very, very important. Too often typos, etc., get overlooked by the over zealous author and some things just have the habit of slipping by the best well-trained eye, so listen to what Lloyd has to say. He has some very valuable information to share.

After the v-log, you can visit Lloyd's website at www.mysplendidconcubine.com to find out more about him and his new book, My Splendid Concubine!

Oh, I have to mention....Lloyd is on a virtual book tour and we at Pump Up Your Book Promotion sooooo want to give away another virtual book tour or a $50 gift certificate at Amazon to our readers...leave a comment below and your name will be put in a hat and drawn at the end of the month. When you support our authors, we support our readers!

Without further ado....take it way, Lloyd!

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