Guest Blogger: Kim Hanks, Author of Save the Best for Last

Kim Hanks is the author of Save The Best For Last, a fantasy adventure. Critics have compared this book to an example of hugely popular genres and reality in the novelists craft and have described it as a strong, good, and multilayered fantasy adventure written with a hand that is both sure and light.

Kim has a full time job and is a graduate of Cambridge International College with a degree in Human Resource Management. He lives in Dubai. You can visit his website at

A Writer's School Time
by Kim Hanks, author of Save the Best for Last

I grew up in a very small family, I don't know why my parents produced so few of us. I'm the only boy and the rest are girls and my elders. I started reading earlier than many pupils do during their primary schooling.

I was a book worm. I loved reading, even though I had no idea that in the future it would help me be a better author. I continue to read like that to this day. Whenever it came to reading aloud in literature and grammar classes, everybody knew that I truly enjoyed this. Not because others didn't know how read but I always did it with much more passion.

In all the schools I've studied in, I've been the most popular student because of my ways, performance, and my family back ground. Teachers treated me like one of their own children. One teacher, though, petitioned the school administration asking for my resignation as head perfect because I had exempted my classmates from his orders.

Did he succeed with his petition against his student? No. the school disciplinary committee saw found me innocent .

I was awestruck. How will the teacher look at me when his quest did not succeed? It looked magical to me. Even the school administration backed me for sparing my classmates in a pre-examination period,

I thought I would never speak to him again, as he left the school a few months later. But to my dismay, I didn't expect this. In course of the last month I received a parcel. At first I thought it was from my publisher or my lovely readers, who use snail mail. But the senders address was unfamiliar to me even though it was from a country I knew.

Inside was my book Save the Best for Last, accompanied by a letter. Who was it from?

Funny enough, Mr. Teacher had written to congratulate me on my book as soon as he got the news. I could not believe this, though it was true. Mr. Teacher was the only teacher who didn't get along well with me in all of my time in school and now he writes to me? He also asked me to sign the book copy in the parcel and then repost it using the SASE which was also inside. He was the first to do this.
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