How to Live Joyfully by Sheri Kaye Hoff

Do you know how to live joyfully? As an author, are you slaving away behind a monitor for days on end, not realizing there's a wonderful world out there? I know I am. Sometimes it's hard to exist always being on a deadline, whether it's self-inflicted or not.

And what about those times life throws you curve balls on top of everything else you're scheduled to do? How do you live life joyfully then?

The Writer's Life is happy to have a special guest today. Sheri Kaye Hoff, author of the inspirational book, Keys to Living Joyfully, is here with us to help us try to understand how to live life joyfully no matter what happens.

How to Live Joyfully
by Sheri Kaye Hoff

Every person has unique life experiences, perspectives, and thoughts. If we knew at the beginning of life, exactly where our path would lead us; we might not have the courage to put one foot in front of the other. Each person experiences sadness, joy, disappointment, happiness, and times of relative balance. Some have more dramatic and/or traumatic moments. However, I think we all have a story to tell.

I felt that I needed to tell my story because I experienced tragedy at a very young age. I was 17 when I found my 15-year-old brother after he died. Prior to this, I was on a successful path as a very good, well rounded student. I had my life mapped out and a plan in place on how I would achieve all of my dreams. Then tragedy struck. I floundered and struggled to create a new path. Often times, I felt like I would start to live again, and then I would experience a setback.

I always was on a quest. I read motivational and inspirational books for over 20 years. Some created paradigm shifts in my life. I inched forward. Eventually, I experienced recovery. When I began to merge my leadership training and my spirituality, I saw rapid growth. When I began to live almost every day feeling joyful, I felt this deep desire to share my thoughts and findings with others. I know there are others like me. I thought that I did not deserve to feel joy. Maybe you wonder if you can ever truly experience joy, peace, passion, and energy. I wondered, too. Now, I do live a truly joyful life with peace, passion, energy, and joy throughout my days.

My book shares my keys to living joyfully that work for me and for my life-coaching clients. In the book, I share stories and examples. I give opportunities for you to think and reflect on your own life. I pose questions and there is room to write thoughts and ideas in the book. I have a Christian faith perspective with a loving and gentle approach to helping you move forward in your life.

My readers have begun sharing their stories with me and I see that my book has opened hearts and moved people to new levels. My book, Keys to Living Joyfully, is for people who want to experience a joyful and meaningful life.

Sheri will be on a worldwide virtual book tour in March and April '09 promoting her new book, Keys to Living Joyfully. If you would like to visit her website, click here. If you would like to visit her official tour page, click here. Follow Sheri's tour and leave comments on her blog stops and you could win a free virtual book tour or a $50 Amazon gift certificate. Click here to follow Sheri's tour during March and April.

Sheri will be available all day to answer your questions. Do you know how to live life joyfully? Leave your comments and questions below and Sheri will answer them for you!
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