Do You Write for Pleasure or Riches?

As a writer, author and book promoter, and after putting in the time and getting my feet wet and the ego tattered one minute and ballooned the next, I have come to a conclusion. Despite all the triumphs, all the setbacks, all the myths and truths exposed, it all comes down to this. Writing books is about doing something that makes you feel great and hoping the world thinks so, too.

For some authors, there is another goal to this madness - making money off of something you poured your life and soul into. And then there's another breed of author who goes into this jungle filled with briars and natives who want to eat you alive who has much higher expectations of what an author is all about and that is to become rich.

It's nothing wrong with having your dreams, but make sure those dreams don't end up biting you in the rump when it's all said and done.

There's an interesting article up at Book Marketing Buzz today that addresses the question: Are you an author for pleasure or riches? Please stop by and give your two cents worth. After all, the more we try to explain how it really is, the less expectations these authors will have and will coerce them into living the life of the published author not with their hands outstretched, but with both feet planted on the ground.
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