10 Things People Don't Know about Young Adult Fantasy Novelist Herbert Howard Jones

We have a special guest today! Herbert Howard Jones is the author of the young adult novel, The Pyewiz and the Amazing Mobile Phone, but wouldn't you like to know something about Tim that no one else knows? How about TEN things you never knew about young adult fantasy novelist Herbert Howard Jones? And, on top of that, we've got a great interview coming tomorrow and just so you know, Howard is available to answer questions today and tomorrow, so if you would like to ask him anything about his book, his writing journey or young adult fantasy, now's your chance! And now, it is my pleasure to bring you Herbert Howard Jones, author of The Pyewiz and the Amazing Mobile Phone!

Ten things most people don't know about Herbert Howard Jones

1. He has had five miraculous esapes from near-death accidents!

2. He lives in a haunted building and has conversed with at least two 'dead' people!

3. He has written nearly sixty songs, and loads of poems, none of which have been published!

4. He was unofficially fostered as a child.

5. He unwittingly appeared as an unpaid extra in a Freddie Starr film, appearing in the same film frame as the man himself.

6. He has studied occultism for the last thirty years.

7. He used to live in Epping Forest (UK), in a tent while holding down an office job.

8. He used to practice on the piano in a London nunnery, practised upon by uk singer Gilbert O'Sullivan.

9. He hates 'healthy food' and the whole business of eating 'five pieces of fruit a day', preferring takeouts, oily curries and the like!

10. Never has sugar in his tea.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an exclusive interview with Herbert!
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