Five Things You Need to Know About 'Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting!'

Our special guest today is Robert Boich, author of the memoir/self-help book, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting!

Making a resolution to address an alcohol or substance abuse issue is only the beginning. The real work begins when the alcoholic or addict acknowledges that something has to be done. As one counselor put it, “An addict only has to change one thing: everything.” More than mere abstinence or simply eliminating certain people and places from one’s daily routine, a successful recovery requires a brand-new approach in dealing with life. In this compelling, intimate narrative, Boich shares his struggles, and insights encountered during his first six months in recovery.

Five Things You Need to Know About Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting!

by Robert Boich

1. Unlike many of the non-fiction first-person narratives regarding substance abuse and recovery that have been written in the past, the author, Robert Boich, does not go into great detail regarding his history of substance abuse. Aside from offering the reader enough information to understand how far the author had fallen, the story, instead, is written in a manner which focuses on the changes that are necessary in order to live a sober lifestyle.

2. The story is designed to appeal to the newcomer to recovery. The author relies on his own feelings and experiences during his first six months in recovery, and presents them in a manner which will assist other addicts and alcoholics to cope with the hurdles associated with early sobriety.

3. Although the book is intended to help in guiding the newcomer in recovery, much of the information discussed within its pages can be utilized by anyone in order to better deal with life on life's terms. Furthermore, there is no expiration date for the tools and information that the author writes about: the materials and lessons hold true regardless of whether you have been sober for six days or six years.

4. The author's story is honest. There are no embellishments. The story is based on the author's journaling activities. Much of the information was originally intended to be kept private, or at the least, limited to group discussions in rehab facilities and 12-step meetings. It was only at the urging of one of the author's counselors that Boich decided to write this book.

5. There is another self-help book titled, Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, written by Lynn Grabhorn that deals with the power of positive feelings. This should not be confused with Robert Boich's book, Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting! A Bridge from Addiction to Early Recovery.

Robert Boich was born in Phoenix Arizona. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado, and a law degree from Ohio northern University. He also holds an LLM in taxation from Boston University. The author is currently working on his second book, a novel, based on World War I and the battle of Verdun. In his free time, Boich enjoys golfing, skiing, reading and traveling. He is married with four children and practices law in Ohio. His latest book is Excuse me, Your Life is Waiting! which you can find out more on his website at
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