10 Fun Facts About Romance Novelist Tina Martin

We have a special guest today! Tina Martin, author of Secrets on Lake Drive, is here with us to give us ten fun facts about herself we probably never knew! Enjoy!


Ten Fun Facts About Tina Martin
by Tina Martin

1. I’m addicted to chicken quesadillas (from Taco Bell), ice cream sandwiches and Little Debbie Star Crunch cookies. There goes my diet.

2. In my senior year of high school, I had made up my mind that I wanted to pursue a career in interior design. Yeah, that worked out…if you count the way I designed Sean’s house in Secrets On Lake Drive.

3. Growing up, I was very heavy into sports and was very much a tomboy. Now, I wear more makeup than news anchors.

4. I’ve only received one speeding ticket (so far) and that was in Missouri. I mean really, who get’s a speeding ticket for going 70 in a 65? Meanwhile, banks are getting robbed…

5. I collect lighthouses and strange pottery. Also, I still have a strange piece of pottery I made in the seventh grade, and considering that I’ve moved six times since then (twice out of state) and it’s still not broken, I must have it for a purpose.

6. I love shopping at thrift shops and yard sales, and pretty soon, I’ll have enough junk to have my own yard sale.

7. Up until I was about twenty, I thought 'brunch' was something that old, rich women did on Sundays just to pass time…or is it?

8. I hate watching scary movies at night and when I’m home alone, but for some reason, I just can’t change the channel.

9. I once saw a guy in Applebees who fit the description of my character Sean (well, with the exception of the green eyes). I just so happened to look up and he was staring at me. Awkward…then I looked away, looked again and he squinted his eyes at me. The whole thing was pretty freaky. Needless to say, I got out of there faster than Wendy Williams can say, “How you doin?”

10. In 1999, I changed my favorite color from green to black. Don’t ask.

You can visit Tina’s website at www.tinamartinbooks.com.
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