Interview with Kerri Nelson, author of CROSS CHECK MY HEART

Kerri Nelson discovered her love of writing when she penned her first poem in the second grade entitled “Black Cat: Dark As Night”. At sixteen, she became a columnist for her local newspaper as the high school correspondent for the weekly "Panther Tales" column. She won the Outstanding Young Journalist of the Year Award for her efforts. After an education and career in the legal field, Kerri began to pen romantic suspense novels. She is a true southern belle and comes complete with a dashing husband and three adorable children. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her baking homemade goodies!

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Q: Welcome to The Writer's Life, Kerri. Can you tell us how long you’ve been writing professionally and how your journey led to writing your latest book, Cross Check My Heart?

I started writing my first novel while I was a high school student. I actually completed that novel but have hidden it away for fear of eternal embarrassment! After a career in the legal and law enforcement fields, I began to write what I’d learned in the form of a mystery/thriller novel. While that book sadly remains unpublished, over the last fifteen years, I’ve gone on to write and publish twelve novels and novellas in various romance genres including this book which features a hockey romance.

Q: I love your title…can you tell us why you chose it?

I wanted a title that spoke to fans of both hockey and romance. For those of you who are not familiar with hockey terminology, a “cross check” is a type of penalty in hockey wherein one player hits an opponent with their stick when it is held with two hands and no longer touching the ice.

A very brutal move indeed and just like in real life—love can be just as brutal.

Q: Why did you believe your book should be published?

You never fully believe that anyone else will want to read your book until someone tells you that they WANT to read your book! I hoped that the publisher would love the story and characters as much as I do.

Since the book’s release in February of 2010, I’ve received many wonderful fan comments on it and that has made the effort all the more worthwhile.

Q: Can you tell us the story behind your book cover? Did you choose it or did your publisher, Eternal Press have full control? Were you happy with the decision or did you have something else in mind?

With this wonderful publisher, they provide you with a detailed cover art form that allows you to submit all your ideas for the cover as well as character descriptions, and suggestions for images. This form goes to the cover artist (who is chosen by the publisher) and she creates the cover art for your review. Ultimately, the publisher has the final “say so” in the final cover but I’ve found the artists extremely helpful in their pursuit to make the author and the publisher happy with a cover that will sell books!

I was absolutely thrilled with this cover and it is my favorite cover of all my books thus far. I simply couldn’t have chosen a better result for my book. My favorite part is that the words “cross check” are written inside hockey sticks.

Q: How have you approached marketing your book? Do you have someone doing it for you or have you had to do most of the marketing yourself?

I have done 90% of the marketing myself. I did pay for a few marketing services initially but found that my effort to seek out new readers and spread news about my books via “word of mouth” was the best promotion on the market.

In addition to that, I create custom designed book video ads (trailers) for both myself and other authors. I think these commercials for books are a fabulous marketing concept.

Q: What book on the market can it compare to? How is it different? What makes your book special?

Really the only books I can think of that would be at all similar are the hockey romance books by author Deirdre Martin. I’m a big fan of her work. However, I think my book is special because it features a strong mystery/suspense element and has a fast paced action and thriller feel to it that is lacking from most traditional romances.

Q: Open to a random page in your book. Can you tell us what is happening?

I love this question.

In this scene, Danny is preparing dinner for Jana. I mean…really…is there anything sexier than a man who knows how to cook?

Q: Do you plan subsequent books?

Absolutely. I have four books in progress right now. One is a paranormal suspense set in New Orleans and another is a historical romance set in ancient Ireland and there are many others in various stages of development and crafting.

I love writing and if I only had more hours in the day (or a full time nanny) I could get all the ideas out of my head and down on the page.

Q: Thank you for your interview, Kerri Nelson. Would you like to tell my readers where they can find you on the web and how everyone can buy your book?

The best place for information about me is to visit my website at . All my books are available directly from the individual publisher’s website and many other online providers including

Thank you very much for this opportunity!
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