10 Fun Things About Steff Deschenes

We have a special guest today! Steff Deschenes, author of The Ice Cream Theory, is here to tell us 10 things about herself you might never have known before. You can visit his website at www.steffdeschenes.com.


10 Fun Things About Steff Deschenes

by Steff Deschenes

1. I have multiple tattoos, including the longitude and latitude of an apple orchard on my right inner forearm arm.

2. I asked to major in "Snowboarding" in college; they put me in Liberal Arts instead. A couple years later I asked to major in "Backpacking Europe"; again, the kept me in Liberal Arts. Very disappointing.

3. I tried out for the USBSF (United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federtion) Olympic team.

4. Some people like to look in other people's medicine cabinets; I like to look in people's refrigerators.

5. I made a demo CD of twelve original songs I wrote, played guitar, and sang to; only one copy remains, and it's hidden!

6. I've had loads of jobs, including being a sports writer, a baker, a canvasser, an au pair, an actress, a substitute teacher, a model, and I've worked in marketing departments for beer, gelato, eco-friendly jewelry, and technology companies.

7. My rabbit, Boone, was named after a character from the TV show LOST (side note: I would have rather watched them chase each other around the island for another four years then have the show end the way it did!).

8. I have a crippling fear of things like opening a bag of popcorn and having a kernel pop in my eye; clowns; passing out in the shower (I'm not nervous about the drowning part, it's the idea of someone finding me all naked like); and of losing my freckles.

9. I was mistakenly put in advanced algebra when I was in middle school. My teacher felt so bad for me that he'd give me extra points for doodling farm animals on my tests so that I wouldn't fail and have to retake it! That didn’t work in high school, though.

10. Immediately following the release of "The Ice Cream Theory" my sister and I went on an ice cream bender to promote the book. We went to, and ate ice cream at, ten (TEN!) ice cream stores in town. Would I do it again? Heck yeah! Maybe. You know, let me think about it. . . (You can see the videos here!)

If you thought this was funny, you need to pick up a copy of her book, The Ice Cream Theory!

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