Guest Blogger: Eric Culverson, co-author of LIFE CHOICES: PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER

We have a special guest today! L. Eric Culverson just so happens to be one of the co-authors of Judi Moreo's self-help motivational book, Life Choices: Putting the Pieces Together (Turning Point International). He is here to talk about change. Welcome Eric!

Change, the constant stranger!
By Eric Culverson

Individually and collectively, we are experiencing a period of unprecedented change. We recognize that change, in and of itself, is necessary and usually marks progress. However, so much change in such a short time has an insidious effect. It is at best daunting, and for more than a few, simply overwhelming! That’s the experience throughout our society, and in every sector of our culture. Despite that new reality, it’s always helpful to remind ourselves that in the midst of great change, there is always great opportunity!

My story, and my contribution to this collaborative effort, is one of adaptation and determination. In a period of eighteen months, I watched the value of my home in Las Vegas decrease to roughly fifty percent of the original note. During that same period, my company’s revenues and my payroll decreased sharply as the overall economy underwent a major recession. At the personal level, I went from being engaged, to once again being single, alone, and socially adrift.

In my story, I share four simple, yet powerful steps that helped me to cope with a tidal wave of change that threatened to wash away my foundational sense of well being. And just as important, these four steps helped me to discover opportunities for new business, personal growth and individual fulfillment. There’s an old saying that “there is nothing new under the sun”, and I don’t imagine that what I share is either revolutionary or unprecedented. It is however, the most basic and enduring human truths that we tend to forget during periods of prolonged duress. My contribution to this book is a practical reminder of those basic truths.

It is my sincere hope that my experience resonates with others struggling to cope in the midst of great change. And that readers will follow some --or all four recommendations. In so doing, may they also gain a new perspective that allows them to not just ride the waves of change, but to master the opportunities it presents!

L. Eric Culverson is the rare exception in almost every situation. He’s the classic analytical engineer who just happens to be a stand-up comic. Over the span of a 20 year career as a corporate training consultant, Eric has gained a reputation as an innovative thinker, motivator and public speaker. He was selected as the first North American ATP (Authorized Training Provider) by Xilinx Inc., a global semiconductor manufacturer. As a member of the Las Vegas chapter of NSA, and a two time Toastmaster District 33 speech contest winner, Eric continually demonstrates his commitment to the principal of lifelong learning. As a speaker and author, Eric clearly articulates the virtue of individual planning and execution. He continually encourages clients, friends and associates to recognize the inherent power and capability we all possess. Despite any current circumstance, this is the time --the only time that we have to start shaping our future. In this period of relentless and unprecedented change, Eric ‘s is the voice of calm, perspective and determination. His message is one of personal empowerment as he relates his own story of sacrifice and adaptation. Like a typical engineer, Eric offers a practical approach to both coping with change and mastering the opportunities that change presents. Eric is also the co-author of the new motivational self-help anthology, Life Choices: Putting the Pieces Together (Turning Point International).
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